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Deborah DooleyDreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais are excited to bring Dr Deborah Dooley to the Love By Intuition Show Sunday August 21st at 9pmET when D7RN is live at 1510am WMEX Boston  Then on their own station August 23rd & 26th

Dr Deborah Dooley~Mentoring Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul Integration, Licensed Counselor & Educator, Yoga Teacher, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

Question for Listeners: “What is it that you are cultivating in your life?”

Evolutionary Astrology expands the perspective and deepens the understanding of the patterns occurring in ones life. The assumptions in Evolutionary Astrology is that we have an immortal soul that evolves through each life time. The soul is a field of energy, a morphic resonance field, incarnating and reincarnating into human form. This field manifest certain experiences and circumstances reflecting a certain frequency of energy. Each life time is an opportunity to expand, grow and evolve this field.

The astrology chart is the blue print that reveals the specifics of this energy field. The chart offers insight into skill development, patterns and how to develop ones true potential. Every life will have crises and learning curves. The timing of this may be found in what is referred to as a transit chart. Often people will feel this internal pressure and reach out for guidance at these times. Gaining an expanded perspective, like a bird’s eye view, helps to orient and navigate how the soul is seeking to expand, change and evolve.

Deborah_3dimensional-astroDeborah Shares: The emphases of my work is skill development.  There is a wide range of skills each person will need as they develop their ability to manage life proficiently.  The gift of conscious awareness lifts the glass ceiling on repeating patterns and opens new potentials.The absence of these skills creates disregulation, impacting mental functioning, and often resulting in painful emotional cycles. The astrology wheel provides a map of direction, which includes skill development and goals.

There are four primary skill sets that are developmental in nature.  Each of these skills activates a different aspect of the brain.  When the brain comes into balance, psychological balance is experienced.  Each person has the ability to cultivate this in one’s life.
The template for these skill sets are in your chart and my reading will provide resources to help you develop them. Learn more here:

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