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Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais are doubly ELATED to Announce new show  The Human Accelerator™ with host Adam’t Gardener starting January 22nd at 7pmET/5pmMT when D7RN is at 1510am WMEX Boston and every 3rd third Sunday at 7pmET Listen: Human Accelerator™ will also broadcast every Tuesday 12am & 12pmET on D7RN . This show is part of our Sustainable Living platform. Listen Live: on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network or via Google Play & Apple.


The Human Accelerator™ with Adam’t Gardener

Building America’s Medicine Wheels for Generations to Come…

We live in extraordinary times. Of this there is no doubt. The Human Accelerator™ is a one hour introduction into this incredible age in which we find ourselves. For the past 200+ years mankind has been getting “Showered Upon” with Insights and Understandings into how the Universe Works. With this Knowledge has come Benefits and Bewilderment.

The Human Accelerator™ is About…seeing through the Contradiction, Contrary and Confusing Rhetoric playing out in our Unique American Culture. Our nation is the Hope of the World. With over 71/2 billion humans alive today, America is the Wee Community Upon this Earth…Foretold from Ancient Times…that would Bring Forth the Truth of this Age. It’s an Amazing Moment Peering into Our Past, Wondering About the Future that leads to taking Actions here & now…to Become that which we’re Destined to BE…a Human Living to Fill the Fullest Measures of Being Human. It’s a Life free of sickness and disease…a Life Becoming Fully Aware of what the Universe is Made Of and how to Access It’s Innate Intelligence to Become that Fullness we’re Genetically Wired to BE.

The first episode is an introduction into the Most Advanced Regenerative Medical Therapy known today. The Second Genesis Protocol is a daily way of living that is fundamentally capable of ridding the human body of anything causing us Trouble. This includes: Stage 4 Cancer people told there’s nothing more can be done, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, arthritis…the list is seemingly endless of the ailments our western model’s of medicine have created. You may say to your self, “I’m not really any of those things…” and yet what you will hear is going to Shift Perceptions of what you’ve thought it means to BE HUMAN. This is Beyond the Comprehension of our western medical and science models of how the Universe works and yet can be Explained and Understood in simple terms…in easy to Comprehend Words. It will Redefine…Reshape…what it means to BE HUMAN…on this planet…in this incredible Moment in mankind’s history…what I refer to over and over as a Second Genesis Awakening Age. Plus, this is the most Complete & Whole Actions anyone could take to live Sustainably. In fact, this is Sustainability at it’s Highest Levels.

BIO: Adam’t Gardener is the Commentator and Narrator for this one hour Ride on what he calls…The Human Accelerator™. Author of two books, writer & producer of, visionary of America’s Medicine Wheels and a Whole Food’s Whole Herb Medicine Man…he has been living on a 100% plant based diet for over 30 years. His Knowledge and Wisdom is a Bridge Connecting two islands of Human Reality.

Learn more about Adam’t, Sustainable Living  Host on his D7R Page Here:

The Human Accelerator™ with Adam’t Gardener

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The Human Accelerator™ channel is dedicated to bringing forward an Ancient and Timeless Truth. It is a Truth Whose Time Has Come. Explore what it means to BE HUMAN in an Age Unlike any before…a Second Genesis Awakening Age.

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