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06-09-22 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Dr. Christine R. Page author of The Heart of the Great Mother offering sacred spiritual tools to connect to the love passion and creative powers of the Great Mother for spiritual transformation. Christine R. Page M.D. who has been a pioneer in the fields of spiritual wisdom and holistic health care for over 40 years and who offers individual soul readings astrology workshops and retreats for women empowering them to embody the gifts of the Great Mother is the author of 8 books including the Healing Power of the Sacred Woman. Today we will discuss how since 2012 which marked the birth of a new cycle of time that will last for 26,000 years the Great Mother’s eternal source of energy will be calling on the feminine within us all to create a world worthy of the next seven generations and begin an era of peace abundance and spiritual evolution and to share how the Great Mother hears our heart’s yearning to escape our old ways of suffering and struggle to find peace fulfillment and joy. We will find that we must release our hold on the destructive patterns and embrace the divine feminine qualities of intuition creativity and rhythmic renewal.

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