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Dr. Amy Serin09-23-20 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Dr. Amy Serin author of The Stress Switch who show us that when we discover stress is not a chronic permanent condition to be coped with but instead is a specific type of neurological programing that can be cured we understand ourselves and healing in a more complete way. Dr Serin says our nervous system’s natural adrenaline-fueled, evolutionary fight-or flight responses are overused and overactive. Fight or flight normally happens when your nervous system senses a threat to your life, overrides your thinking brain, and decides whether your greatest chances of survival will come from putting up your dukes or running away. Stress touches everyone we encounter and pollutes their chance of being calm and happy because they pick up on our stress and our behaviors activate their own stress systems. The first thing we can do is become more aware of who we are any traumas of our past and begin to pay attention to triggers that set off this fight or flight reaction.

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