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01-26-19 D7RN YouTube Channel: Effective Ways to Combat Stress, Fear-based Thoughts and Negative Perspectives with Leah Marie

Join Leah Marie on Dreamvisions 7 Radio’s YouTube Channel as she presents effective ways to combat stress, fear-based  thoughts and negative perspectives.  All of which sets up blocks to an abundance of inner peace, positive experiences and excellent health!  Some of the techniques that she will be demonstrating include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Pranayama (breathing methods to improve relaxation), Essential Oils Effective Uses for Stress, meditation and more.  Also, Leah Marie will be discussing her new upcoming book, Create Your Legacy With Mindfulness.  Visit to learn more about Leah and her programs.

You can learn more about Leah Marie’s meditations and purchase her daily meditation program, “Mooditations for Healing and Wellness”, at

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