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Lora Cheadle01-13-21 Creating a Vision for 2021 and Beyond

Welcome to FLAUNT!, a podcast for women ready to get to know themselves again, show themselves unapologetically for who they authentically are – not who they think they should be,  and rechoreograph the next stage of life on their own terms, so they can live with enthusiasm, joy, and satisfaction. I’m Lora Cheadle, former corporate attorney turned burlesque dancer, author, and Life Choreographer® and I can’t wait for us to connect!

If you have ever done a vision board, then you know what it’s like to focus on the things that you want. But what about the vision for how you want to feel and be? Most of us would rather feel happy or be satisfied than simply have a red car. Because how often have you gotten the thing that you desire, only to be disappointed or for it to be anticlimactic?

In today’s show you will learn the three steps to creating your authentic vision:

  • How to accurately assess where you are right now (your current location) and where you want to go, (your desired destination) so the universe can light up your path and tell you where to go.
  • The importance of tuning into the why behind your vision, and
  • Why integrating your past and your present with what you want for your future is essential.

Keep the inspiration going strong all year long! Join in the conversation every Monday in the Flaunt Flock Facebook group at 10:30 AM MST. Meet other women who have lost touch with themselves, are experiencing some sort of life transition, and who just want to be happy again. Together you can get clear on who you are exclusive of your labels, roles, and scripts; what you want; and show up authentically as you are, not as you think you should be; so you can re-choreograph the next half of life on your own terms, and finally feel the joy, enthusiasm, and satisfaction you are looking for.

Want to learn more about visioning and vision boards? Go to  and learn my trademarked method for becoming a living vision board and creating the life and body of your dreams!

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