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SimranNEW-prudence11-17-15   Prudence Gensmen: Mindset Reset

You have the power to actively engage your thoughts and dynamically create new pathways in the brain. When you begin to engage the mind and brain directly, you have the ability to impact lasting physiological changes in the body leading to a healthier more fulfilling way to be. o Powerfully manage your thoughts to give way to new opportunities and possibilities beyond the active imagination. o Reveal ideas and solutions. Those things that once appeared to be blocked are no longer seen as limitation. o Gain access to positive control in the way you think and the results you experience. o Show-up more fully in your relationship with your self and develop deeper, more meaningful connection with others.

Prudence Gensman MBA, OTR, CC, C.Ht is a sought after therapist in the world of neurorehabilitation and a master facilitator of personal development seminars. As a leading pioneer in the area of brain thought technology and the creator of the MindSet ReSetTM Process, she has designed an effective structure of thinking to facilitate personal grown and evolution. In her book, MindSet ReSetTM: A Passage To Choice, Prudence awakens a deeper understanding that often times we are taught to be afraid of change, yet change IS the only constant in all of life.

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