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Morning Coffee Podcast03-29-23 Coffee With “The Librarians” – Channeled Wisdom for Humanity

This week we’re bringing you a very different show! We’re bringing you a full hour of universal, channeled, wisdom to help you on your betrayal recovery journey. Lora channels a group of entities known as “The Librarians.” The Librarians are keepers of universal wisdom for the earth plane and their messages are meant for seekers of light. Take it slow, pause when you need to pause, and if you like what you hear, follow Lora on Facebook or YouTube where she goes live every Tuesday, with a new, live channel.

Dec.13, 2022

Truth lives inside of us all. And while none of us share the exact same truth, we all share the knowledge that our truth is important. Which is where things get difficult! While it’s important for us to share what’s going on inside with others, to validate our experience and to create the kinds of close relationships that we want, communication is difficult! Words are limited and cannot explain our unique perspectives, textures, and feelings. Therefore, trying to explain what’s going on inside in a way that others can understand is impossible! Yes we try. And we get angry when others don’t understand… Oneness comes from the shared understanding that we are all alone in our unique perspectives. That we are all unable to communicate our feelings, wisdom, and knowingness adequately. Oneness comes from being aware and honoring that we are all “right” and we are all centered in our own hearts, and that we are all alone with our own insides, and that our connection is through our unique aloneness.

Dec. 20, 2022

A piece for peace! This week’s message is about the deeper meaning and message behind Winter Solstice and darkness. While reaching outside of ourselves for light is fine because we all need inspiration at times, the task of becoming spirit

Actually awakened is about cultivating the light that’s within, not seeking external light During Winter Solstice we are in the dark for a reason and that reason is so we can find our own light. And the key is not stressing about being “good enough” or “enlightened enough” either. All we need is a PIECE of our light to find PEACE! We don’t need to illuminate the whole world, we just need to illuminate and sustain ourselves. Because Peace on Earth is attained when everyone on the planet illuminates their own hearts!

Dec. 27, 2022

Go in Grace. Go with the Flow. Allow Yourself to Receive. This week’s message is about EASE and how we like to make things harder than they are. Ease is our birthright. Worlds (and humans!) are created with ease. Yes, there is the occasional cataclysmic event, but the process flows with ease, always. And when difficulties arise, life flows around those difficulties. Worthiness is not a part of it. We like to make things more difficult to prove to ourselves that we are worthy of being chosen, of receiving, of enjoying. and if you WANT to keep playing that game, you can. Just know that it is a game, and you don’t have to play it. You can just flow. That’s what GRACE is. It’s the right to receive without being worthy. It’s the right to love and live and enjoy even though you don’t “deserve” to love and live and enjoy. Because the Truth (capitol T truth!) is that everyone deserves it. Nothing is conditional. Nothing is separate from God/Goddess. *Post-channel message: Look at our language around God. In the channel, Lora said he/she referring to God, and then typed God/Goddess. God/Goddess is the whole. Humans have created the separation of the whole into two-God and Goddess. Then humans stress out around gender! Life is genderless. Life is whole and complete. Life is without division. Ease and flow and grace are without division. Struggle and strife are division. Look around, it’s everywhere! We love to struggle and overcome and fight and declare ourselves “right” so we can prove our own worth. Just know that it’s not necessary. That’s why GRACE was given to humans. We only need to receive this one gift if we want to live like Jesus/God/Goddess.

Jan. 3, 2023

When we realize the inevitability of “bad things,” it allows us to partake fully in the sweetness of life. This week the Librarians want us to become aware of the cloud of fear that surrounds our hearts and planet, and instead of continuing to build up our defenses to protect against bad things that might (or might not) happen, to realize that “bad things” happening is inevitable. Not to traumatize or scare us, but to realize that protecting ourselves fully is impossible. We have limited control. Yes, we can plan and save or be safe and take precautions and that is good, but we cannot prevent, anticipate, or protect against everything When we realize the inevitability of “bad things” happening in our lives, we become more able to partake in the sweetness of life and we enjoy ourselves more.

Jan 10, 2023

Feeling our feelings is what living is all about. It doesn’t matter if they are good feelings, bad feelings, or anything in between. The act of feeling is “fun” and is what being a human is all about. So many humans suppress or deny feelings because they don’t want to feel. Yet, in spirit form, one thing we miss is the ability to feel fully and freely! Not that getting caught up in drama is advisable, but please stop being so terrified of feelings that you create unnecessary drama as a distraction from feeling “real” feelings! Yes, we can (and should) be happier than we are. Life is meant to be fun, it’s a great game of creation. However, fear of feeling things we don’t want to feel is one of the biggest blocks to feeling good. Ironic, right?

Jan. 17, 2023

This week the Librarians want to talk about the concept of “closure” and how it’s really not a thing. Nor is it a thing we’d want if there was! When we seek “closure” what we are really doing is refusing to admit or accept or acknowledge something. Something that is a part of us as well as a part of the world. “Seeking closure” is really us saying, “I don’t want to deal with that. I want to ignore it. I don’t want it in my life. I want to cut it off.” But all of life is continuous. All of life is integrated. All of life is connected. There is no death or ending, there is only transition. Which means there is no closure! Instead of resisting or seeking to “fix” something, why not embrace it instead? Embrace the uncertainty, the transition, the ugliness, or the supposed problem? After all, we all say we want oneness and connection. So why do we resist by constantly clamoring about “closure” instead?

Jan. 24, 2023

This week the Librarians want to talk about Connection and Communion with others. Loneliness is prevalent on the planet. Yet we are easily able to communicate with others. We just get too locked into our preferred method of communication! The deepest, most profound connections are made by going within and connecting from the heart or mind. Not by using our 5 senses and communicating with others through touch, voice, text, or words. Death does not separate us. Neither does language, distance, or access to any sort of tools. If we want to feel true oneness, the way to connection is within.

Jan 31, 2023

The only way to address evil in the world is by looking at the ugliness without us. We all cross the line, we all do harm, we all lie, cheat, and steal in some way. When we justify our actions or think we are somehow better than another because we didn’t do “as much” harm, we perpetuate evil. It’s only when we acknowledge evil or wrongdoing within us that we can begin to change the world.

Feb. 2, 2023

The power of the fresh start cannot be underestimated. There is virtue in a fresh start. Even when you are building something, or building from something that someone else has created, a fresh start will benefit you. There is so much guilt and shame around waste, but nothing, no creation is ever wasted. Whenever you feel like a fresh start is in order, take it! There is no shame. In the long run a fresh start will always be easier than struggling to fix or use the old. Why bang your head? Wipe it away, NO, bless it away! It was your first draft, and it was glorious in its own right. Now start again and do it differently!

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