Certified Coach and Energy Healer Susan Glynn

02-21-17   Certified Coach and Energy Healer Susan Glynn

Det David and Dr Lana Love speak to Susan Glynn, Certified Coach, Healing Codes, Energy Healer, and Personal Development Coach

Guest Occupation: 
Certified Coach for Healing Codes, Energy Healer, and Personal Development Coach

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Healer Susan Glynn

What delights me is that over the last 19 years since experiencing my very first Energy training, I’ve just known that Energy was going to be vitally important to my life. Healing began happening within that first training and with me…because I just decided I wanted more and Better in my life, and set about using the Energy tools I gathered, on me. This persistently created good change in me. Something else showed up…some kind of ‘clear guidance’ to the trainings and tools that would benefit me Most.  Some were an experience of “ok. So the more I asked for Better Please…the more skillful & easy the tools put in front of me have become…and some are so much Fun.  BALANCE in life is important to me…and so gaining tools to create that has been a focus.Now, how grateful I am with my tool box . . . and yes, it’s always up for an updates. It’s also been made obvious to me that by improving Me . . . I then, am a  resonance for more Love . . . which is the fastest easiest way to be doing good for all the world and humanity. My feeling is that we humans have massive capacities and I’m full throttle on achieving whatever I can in my own body and life . . . towards Full Human Potential. www.thehealingcodes.com.au

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