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The First Key to a Joyful Life

11-04-21 The First Key to a Joyful Life There are 3 keys for reawakening to the joy that is always with you. They are contained within the three statements we touched on in the last show called Freedom! In this show we will discover the absolute magic of the first...


10-21-21 Freedom!! We are all addicted to struggle. And our lives are oftentimes about struggling with the struggle, which equals suffering. Join Mary in exploring a pathway out of the world of struggle so you can know again the joy of being present for life. “Nothing...

Becoming Smart with Pain

07-15-21 Becoming Smart with Pain We all experience pain, not only in our bodies but with our feelings and the struggles in our head.  Join Mary in exploring Stephen Levine’s approach to working with pain, an approach that brings softening where there is tension,...

A Treasure Hunt

07-01-21 A Treasure Hunt Join Mary in an insightful and delightful tale that shows you how to become smarter than struggle so you can know the joy of being fully alive! Learn more about Mary here:

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