Meeting Your Edge

11-02-17  Meeting Your Edge

Not only can you make a difference in the world.  You can make a powerful difference in the world.  When you discover where you hold on, where you react and resist life, this is your edge, the place where you disconnect from life.  Even with all that is happening in our world and in your own life, by being curious rather than getting hooked in the feelings that often accompany the edge – fear, despair, anger and helplessness, etc. you take another step out of your conditioning and back into life. Every time you do this, you become a part of the healing that is asking to be born out of this time of great chaos.

The Joy of Spacious Curiosity

09-21-17 The Joy of Spacious Curiosity

I invite you to join me in exploring the joy of spacious curiosity. Imagine you are on a retreat with a group of other people who are quieting their minds and opening their hearts.  Imagine discovering the ability to come out of hiding and actually be present for whatever you are experiencing.  Recognize the joy of no longer needing yourself to be any different than what you are so you can know the joy of being spacious around whatever is happening in your life.

The Healing Power of Anger

09-07-17  The Healing Power of Anger

Anger is a powerful force that can be used to attack and hurt or it can be used to heal.  Join Mary in exploring how to create a relationship with anger that allows you access to your fire without it hurting yourself or others.

Our Polarization can be Healed

08-24-17  Our Polarization can be Healed

If you watch the news or you talk to a family member that has different political views that you do and you wonder if the extreme polarization that is happening all over our country and in the world can be healed, the answer is absolutely yes! It begins with understanding that if you meet polarization with resistance, reaction and fear, it will just reinforce those energies.  Come explore how you can become a part of the healing that is arising from the divisiveness of our time.