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The Great Healer of Trauma

04-04-24 The Great Healer of Trauma All people, on their journey through life, experience traumas, some more than others. And our personalities were created around these wounds much like a pearl is created from the irritant of a grain of sand. Join Mary in exploring...

The Magic of Acceptance

03-21-24 The Magic of Acceptance It is so easy to misunderstand the power of acceptance. It is not about being at the mercy of life. Instead, it is a dynamic state, a foundational relationship with existence that invites you to show up for what is showing up so you...

The Great Healer of Attention

02-22-24 The Great Healer of Attention One of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself on your journey into being present for life is to strengthen the muscle of your attention. And yet for most of us, our muscle is weak, following thought wherever it goes. Join...

Your Precious, Precious Life

01-25-24 Your Precious, Precious Life You have been given a huge gift and that is the gift of life. And yet we all take it for granted. This causes us to sleepwalk through our lives, rarely connecting with the preciousness of each and every moment that brings us the...

The Banquet of Love

01-11-24 The Banquet of Love There are so many options for healing our bodies, minds, and hearts. But one option we rarely use is the healing energies of our hearts. Join Mary in exploring how powerful it is to meet whatever you are experiencing with the healing balm...
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