Beyond Seeking, Searching and Trying

11-30-17  Beyond Seeking, Searching and Trying

So much of our energy is spent in trying to make ourselves and our lives different or “better” than what they are. Have you noticed that this is an endless exercise in not quite getting to the place you want to be?  Rather than trying to get to a “better” place, what if you understood that everything you long for is already here? What if you understood that what Life is offering you, right here right now, is so much more than anything you could have planned or conceived?  Join Mary as she explores a life-changing way to engage with life.

Reconnect with the Joy of Being You!

11-24-17  Topic: Reconnect with the Joy of Being You!

Dreamvisions 7 Radio YouTube Live Episode

What’s In Your Way IS the Way with Mary O’Malley
Topic: Reconnect with the Joy of being you!

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Our Addiction to Perfection

11-16-17 Our Addiction to Perfection

What would it be like if it were okay for you to be you…exactly as you are?  Most of us don’t experience ourselves in this way.  Instead we have a secret belief that we need to be better or different than what we are in order to be okay, to be accepted and even to be loved.  Join Mary in exploring how you can unhook from this belief so that you can know the joy of simply being you!

Meeting Your Edge

11-02-17  Meeting Your Edge

Not only can you make a difference in the world.  You can make a powerful difference in the world.  When you discover where you hold on, where you react and resist life, this is your edge, the place where you disconnect from life.  Even with all that is happening in our world and in your own life, by being curious rather than getting hooked in the feelings that often accompany the edge – fear, despair, anger and helplessness, etc. you take another step out of your conditioning and back into life. Every time you do this, you become a part of the healing that is asking to be born out of this time of great chaos.