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04-04-17   The 9th Law of Co-Creation – Live your Dream

What exactly do we mean when we talk about co-creating a new paradigm and how do we get it right? Sometimes, no matter how true your intentions, things go wrong in life and in the world. In South Africa, we have just experienced a shameful hostile take over of our country by forces who clearly do not have the public interest at heart. It amounts to a bloodless coup: what roles will fear and love play in our path forward? As we are having the rethink ourselves, and redefine the South African dream. In America, a similar process is underway. And yet, we can all look around us and identify people who are living their dream against all odds? Right here in White Lion Territory, Jason Turner – Scientist, lion ecologist, chief operations officer of the White Lion Trust, is doing exactly that. We spend some time in conversation with him, learning about the secrets of his success, why he does what he does. And about the choices along the way that made his dream possible.

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