Kids on a Plant Based Diet & Adam‘t Gardener speaks to the Epidemic of Depression in School Systems

03-19-18  Kids on a Plant Based Diet & Adam‘t Gardener speaks to the Epidemic of Depression in School Systems

We welcome you to today’s Second Genesis Awakenings ™ Radio hour with our featured guests who are in the 5th grade, Ammon & 3rd grade, Elise & Kindergarten Max who are Brother’s & Sister.  Each one of them are very happy to share with us their experiences about eating from mostly, a plant based diet, which each one of them began at birth. We asked them to share their hopes and thoughts & wishes for Healthier School lunches as they let us know their thoughts on America’s health. Ammon shares how the family loves eating out of there own garden…

Adam ‘t Gardener comes onto the 2nd half of the show to share Insights into the reporting on PBS News of the Epidemic of Depression in our School Systems …Debara and Adam dialog about they’re hope for a new conversation to come forth in America all about, ” REAL HEALTH ” Not one all about “HEALTH CRISIS.” Let us INVEST in our HEALTH & WELLBEING with CONSCIOUS EATING.. A future where our children take lead for generations of wellbeing & living a life free from sickness and disease … Our, Plant Earth .. Thriving! It Begins Today.

Living a Life free of all Sickness and Disease is not only Possible

03-12-18  Living a Life free of all Sickness and Disease is not only Possible … It is our Genetic Birthright, Adam t’ Gardener

Come join Debara (Call In All Angels ) host of The Second Genesis Awakenings ™  Radio Show as she begins the hour with a time out on the show for Breath as Debara guides us in a meditation of breathing in the love & breathing out the light so that we can all slow down with the events on Valentines Day and redirect our love energies for healing time with our kids .. with our selfs with  …. Parkland School Mass Shootings..  How to Help our kids feel safe when our world is out of control?  an article from NBC News. What Mental health experts say about school Shootings  In the second half of the show Debara shares her in~depth story of living a Second Genesis Awakening through a Organic all Plant Based Diet…Free of Sickness and disease as our Genetic Birthright…

A Diet Book Like no other …..

01-22-18  A Diet Book Like no other …..

Welcome to the another show with Debara & Author Adam t. Gardner as we discuss more about, The Second Genesis Diet: Welcome home (the story of One Podigal Sons’ Return to the Garden … & The Second Genesis Transformation: Passage to Spontaneous Regeneration, Book’s. …  Recently several friends have shared with us that  over the years by having the books in their homes has brought about an extraordinary transformation one which is full of a reverence for all of life and all of all of creation….   “I read the book & watched the Be~ Ing Human Movie on the community page… and it changes my thoughts about my diet which changes my whole way of being…. which has changed my diet.”  It is still changing me….  I think differently about eating an all organic Plant Based Lifestyle.

Wisdom Storytellers: I Declare Peace…Here & Now

12-25-17 Wisdom Storytellers: I Declare Peace…Here & Now

We welcome you to come be a part of our ceremony today as we reconnect with the healthy, Instinctual, Visionary attributes of Story Sharing. In doing this, we retrieve, examine & discover deeper Understanding’s of the Medicine we each carry. We are honored and privileged to have with us Women here in America…Passionately Giving & Being of Service. Today’s Wisdom Story Tellers are sharing a Second Genesis Awakening, Manifesto for Peace. It is our Way of Declaring Peace…Here & Now. The Second Genesis Awakenings™ Radio Show has…as our Guest’s…Deborah Beauvais, Liane Buck, Rene’ Locklear White, Linda “Bright Hawk’ Mooney & Susan Whiting with your Host…Debara Bruhn Towt

Thank You to our lovely Rene’ Locklear White for the Artwork on the Banner!