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A Pathway of Humbleness

08-09-17  A Pathway of Humbleness In this live talk from 2014, David shares his pathway to humbleness on his awakening journey. When we take our steps on our spiritual journey, we encounter our own ego and the meaningless thought system of separateness it would have...

Letting Go of the World

07-12-17  Letting Go of the World​ The ego would have us believe that in order to be happy, we must satisfy ourselves with the things that the world offers: a good education, a good job, good health, and good friends. It tells us that once we have “enough”...

Awakening Can Be Gentle

06-28-17  Awakening Can Be Gentle Description: Spiritual awakening does not have to be a struggle. On the contrary, we can learn to be very gentle and kind with ourselves as we practice A Course in Miracles or whatever our spiritual path seems to be.  We need only to...

The World is an Illusion

06-14-17  The World is an Illusion In this talk by mystic David Hoffmeister, he starts off by quoting the character Morpheus from the movie, “The Matrix”. In the movie, Morpheus is the one who’s purpose is to help Neo (the main character played by...

The Inward Journey

05-31-17   The Inward Journey The ego in us always wants to see the cause of our problems as outside of ourselves and beyond our ability to change. But truth would teach that the cause of everything we perceive is within our own mind and nowhere else. The violence we...
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