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Awakening Through Desire

02-22-17   Awakening Through Desire The speed of our awakening is not determined by anything but our DESIRE to go Home. Surrendering to Spirit will always be interpreted by the ego as a sacrifice of power, yet in truth we are being restored to the full power of the...

Let Spirit Decide

02-08-17   Let Spirit Decide Description: The goal of spiritual practice is to be in the flow of Presence, to be tuned into Spirit, and wiling to listen to and follow the intuitive flow. Decision-making becomes very simple and easy when we let Spirit be in charge. As...

The Power Is in Your Mind

01-25-17   The Power Is in Your Mind In this talk, mystic David Hoffmeister shares about the concept of true versus false empathy that is spoken about in A Course in Miracles. To see your brother with true empathy requires a willingness to overlook the perception of...

The Illusion of Personhood

01-07-17   Title: The Illusion of Personhood Love is Who We Are, and Love does not possess. In the modern-day spiritual classic A Course in Miracles (ACIM), it is revealed that the world we perceive is an illusion — a dream made to hide our true Self as Spirit. Here...
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