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10-18-17 Title: Devotion to Spirit

Description: Peace is a state of mind that is simply the nature of what is. It is what is. It is a turning of your mind from fear to love and coming fully into love. If you can see the nothingness of the splinter of false belief in your mind, then that will take you fully into love. The splinter is behind every issue of this world, the fall from Oneness. Linear time is part of the splinter.

You have fallen asleep and you are dreaming a dream of separation, of duality, a dream of opposites that has nothing to do with your real nature which is Oneness. You have to experience total forgiveness which is enlightenment.

When you are healed the whole universe is healed with you. If you experience total happiness, the whole world is happy with you because your perception has shifted. You don’t perceive abuse because you don’t believe in abuse. Love is so generous that it bestows everything you need. We are not speaking of a theory but an actual experience; it is our natural birthright. You were created as love and you are to experience yourself as loving.

This recording of David Hoffmeister and fellow mystic Frances Xu took place in South Africa, Durban, December 16, 2014.

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