The Authentic Spiritual Journey Inward

12-27-17  The Authentic Spiritual Journey Inward

The ego has set up a world of time and space that seems to have a past, a present, and a future. This is a way of keeping us trapped in guilt and fear because, without linear time, there would be no guilt. So how do we come into an experience of timelessness, and eternity? The way out is through guidance from the Holy Spirit, who uses time to render time unnecessary. The ego tries to stop this connection because it is scared of being undone. It feels threatened by the Holy Spirit’s guidance and tries endlessly to distract us. The ego would have us think we are stuck and trapped in the world of form, because it cannot see a reality apart from itself. The Course is teaching us that what we believe to be reality is not reality at all, but an illusion, which is completely made up. By learning to follow our Inner Guide and letting go of ego thinking, we will begin to feel happier and happier. It’s time to let go of all the resistance and feelings of lack to open to Love’s presence and receive the Gift of who we truly Are.

This recording of David Hoffmeister is a compilation of three talks that all took place in San Antonio, Mexico between September 2017 and November 2017.

Who Am I? An Afternoon Chautauqua with David

12-13-17  Who Am I? An Afternoon Chautauqua with David

We seem to be people living a life of birth and finally, death. What does our life mean? Who are we? Where do we come from? What is this thing I call my body? If I die what will happen to me? These are many of the deep questions philosophers have been asking since time began and are still trying to solve today. On our quest for Self-realization, we need some signposts to map our way back home. We often have many questions on our heart that we would like answered, so we can go inward and have the experience for ourselves. In this gathering with David, we join him with his community and friends in Mexico for a question-and-answer session to discuss these very subjects. Listen in as David answers questions such as: “What does the Course say about death?”, “How do I deal with the conflict of belief in having my own autonomy vs. the Spirit’s plan for me?”, and “How did Jesus transform from one body to another?” David rounds out the session by sharing about the importance of exchanging one self-concept for higher self-concepts until finally no self-concept is needed.

This recording of David Hoffmeister took place at La Casa de Milagros in Chapala, Mexico, November 28, 2017.

A Journey of Divine Innocence

11-27-17   A Journey of Divine Innocence

We often feel that there is a deeper meaning to life that our heart is calling for. We know that somewhere inside of us is a place of beauty and peace. The spiritual journey will take a lot of discipline, devotion, dedication, and mind training. We have to shift from the belief in separation to the connection with God. The ego’s plan for you is death, while the Spirit’s plan for you is Life. This conflict can be very strong while taking our steps on the inward journey, yet thankfully, there is always help at hand. What we learn through A Course in Miracles is that intuition has one purpose for everything: forgiveness. The means is communication, which includes the body as the communication device. This is to allow the Spirit to speak through you so that the only thing you need to do is to teach your own Divine Innocence.

The deeper we go on the spiritual journey, we realize that all is being perfectly orchestrated, like a puppet resting on the strings of the puppeteer to guide it. We learn to be like the puppet and allow the Holy Spirit to take the strings.

This recording of David Hoffmeister took place at La Casa de Milagros in Chapala, Mexico, November 8, 2017.

Revealing Unconscious Thoughts (Part 2 of 2)

11-15-17  Revealing Unconscious Thoughts (Part 2 of 2)

Join David for part two of this two-part series during his travels to Australia for the first time since 2011. He shares about how the beliefs in abuse and mistreatment are retranslated and used for healing with the Spirit’s perspective. Once we say ‘yes’ to the Great Awakening, the Spirit can use everything in our experience to help us unwind from the world. A variety of different techniques can be helpful to assist us in accessing unconscious darkness and bringing it to the Light. This is a transformation of consciousness, and trust in the Spirit is the key!

This recording of David Hoffmeister took place in Frankston, Australia, March 20, 2016.