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02-21-24 A Collaborative Adventure

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus teaches us that the ego is not real and that there are no fundamental differences between men and women. The ego makes up differences, but it is a death wish and not real. Jesus emphasizes that we must learn to distinguish between the Holy Spirit’s right mind and the ego’s wrong mind, which have different purposes.

The ego creates images that are both unreal and imaginary. They are all illusions, and there is no hierarchy of illusions, no hierarchy in terms of good, bad, sexy, beautiful, ugly, intelligent, or stupid. To make differences real in our awareness, we must dream and dream of things God knows not about.

We often forget our eternal identity and become distracted by idols, such as the body, which is created to replace and take over our Christ self. This profound amnesia can lead to a world where we seek certain characters, like Lego characters, to become our saviors.

Christianity has been criticized for holding onto the belief in Jesus as a personal Lord and Savior, even though he lived 2,000 years ago. Jesus tells us that all these images projected from the ego are effects of an unreal cause and that the real cause is Christ, an idea in God’s mind.

In the spiritual realm, everything is light extending light, love extending love, and eternity extending eternity. There is no beginning or end to creation, nor is there in eternity.

To experience the depth of today’s movie, we need to read A Course in Miracles’ section called “The Hero of the Dream,” which discusses the complex nature of dualistic concepts and the difficulty in relationships. Jesus teaches us that the body is the central figure in the dreaming of the world, acting as if it were a person to be seen and believed.

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