Walking the Path of the Eastern Adept

08-21-17  Walking the Path of the Eastern Adept

Together for seven days, devotees from all over the world attended our 12thannual European Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Profound meditations, deep spiritual experiences, and powerful mantras and decrees facilitated personal transformation and the acceleration of consciousness as participants internalized the spiritual paths of the Eastern adepts.

Devotees experienced the teachings and spiritual disciplines of nine of the Eastern masters:  Gautama Buddha, El Morya, Djwal Kul, Maha Chohan, Krishna, Kuan Yin, Manjushri, Lord Ling, and the Five Dhyani Buddhas.

Join us as we share the highlights and convey the spirit of these Masters and how we too can walk the well-trodden path of the Adepts.

The I Am Presence-Your Source of Life, Intelligence and Abundance

07-18-17  The I Am Presence-Your Source of Life, Intelligence and Abundance

Access the dynamic connection to divine power within you!  Do you wonder why it is difficult to manifest what you want, even after practicing spiritual disciplines?  Join us as we share effective tools to access your inner, divine and creative powers and show you how to use them in very practical ways.

Hear our guest speaker, Mark Myers, as he shares and discusses the fascinating and enlightening world of spiritual cosmology and how humanity has lost track of its divine destiny.  Our present state of spiritual evolution has diminished our means to manifest abundance, fulfillment and meaning in our lives.  Let’s explore together how we can regain the fullness of our spiritual heritage, re-align ourselves to our divine purpose and reach the fullness of all that we are destined to be.  Be with us for this exciting voyage of enlightenment and discovery!

Is America a Divinely Sponsored Nation?

6-19-17  Is America a Divinely Sponsored Nation?

As one nation among many nations, does America have a special role that is spiritual in nature? And what is the relationship of that role to lightbearers in all nations who are awakening to their divine identities?  Is there a spiritual connection among all those of the light that goes beyond historical timelines, national and religious boundaries?

Join us for an exciting exploration of what the ascended masters say about the mandala of souls that are from every race, every religion and every nation.  These are the ones who have not lost the memory of their God consciousness.  This mandala of souls forms what the Masters call the I AM Race—a spiritual group of individuals from every race, country and religion.  This has nothing to do with racial or ethnic characteristics at all but refers to all those of the light no matter what culture they were born into.

As we approach the July 4th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of America, our co-host, Alberta Fredricksen, will share some of her research on:  1) the special relationship America has to all lightbearers in every nation, 2) America’s unique spiritual destiny, and 3) the spiritual principles on which the nation was founded as perceived by the Founders.

Alberta Fredricksen is a Conflict and Spiritual Life Coach and author.  She has served in educational settings as a teacher, school administrator, human resources administrator, and university instructor.  She is the author of Transforming Everyday Conflict: Tools, Tips and Roadmaps to Better Communication and Stronger RelationshipsResume of a Disciple: Stepping Up SpirituallyGrowing Courage: Self-Empowerment for Facing Life’s Challenges, and The AMERICA Rosary to Unite the I AM Race.

The Golden Chain Mail – Discover this powerful, spiritual tool you can use daily!

05-21-17  The Golden Chain Mail – Discover this powerful, spiritual tool you can use daily!

In these days as we face trouble and turmoil in our world, we often feel less protected or less secure.  Advanced technologies bring more information to our doorstep every day and we seem to be faced with the divisive worldwide conditions that could intrude into our individual and family day-to-day lives.  The world has gone through periods such as this before.

What if there was a spiritual shield of armour that we could wear every day, just as the knights of old wore to go into battle?  What if there were a spiritual canopy that could help bring peace to the world?  Well, there is!

Please join us as our guest Mark Myers shares with us about the special dispensation offered through the ascended masters for a Golden Chain Mail that we can invoke to protect ourselves, our families, nations and our planet Earth.  Learn three ways to use this special spiritual gift and how it protects and helps align you and the Earth with the Will of God.

Mark Myers is a veteran researcher, in the lineage of Sherlock Holmes, and graduated suma cum laude from Montana State University. Professionally, he investigates the medical and biochemical literature to develop integrative health solutions to major illnesses; while his personal time is consumed ferreting out hidden information about the spiritual dimensions and history of our universe.