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Jaentra Green Gardner was first diagnosed with MS in 1977 and left no stone unturned. She healed herself of MS. From that point on, she believed anyone could be healed. She developed the complimentary medicine modality of Three Heart Balancing. She is a trained educator, public speaker, and healing coach.

Three Heart Balancing™ created by Jaentra Green Gardener, integrates body, mind and heart as a focal point for dealing with body pain and discomfort. Based on an integration of many bodywork methods, the focus of the work is on activating the Wave in the body. The Wave is the harmony of the rhythms: breathing, heartbeat, peristalsis, cranial-sacral, sexuality, and emotions. The Wave is the person’s own inner healer, the part of each of us that strives toward life. The Wave brings forward the reality of health and wholeness. We heal as a group bringing forth together the reality of Divine miracles among us.

Jaentra’s Radio Show: Healing Journeys- Ask us anything! After 40 plus years of healing experience, both giving and receiving, your radio hosts, Jaentra Green Gardener and Mark Wandersee invite you to join the “Healing Journey.” Mark has seen many miracles and experienced his own healing from illness and injury. In 2000, Mark and Jaentra founded the Healing Hands Network, a non-profit, to support healing coaches and provide healing touch to people in need. From each of life’s challenges, we can gain many gifts. Guests will include individuals who have experienced miracles, written books, composed music, or have a personal journey to share. Yes! We believe healing can happen in the wink of an eye.


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