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Jeannie Serpa, mother of nine and grandmother of eighteen (so far), brings to this book an abundance of experience and knowledge. A former school teacher, stencil designer, business entrepreneur, and writer of restaurant reviews, Jeannie has embarked on a four year journey researching and developing recipes designed to lower cholesterol. This undertaking has a very personal connection since many of her family members have been victims of heart attacks, strokes, and other cholesterol health related diseases.

In January of 2004, Jeannie was told her cholesterol level was dangerously high, and a statin drug was prescribed. Nine days on the drug resulted in extreme muscular pain and stiffness. She flushed those tablets down the toilet, embarked on a research program, and started developing recipes, using ingredients that had been proven to reduce cholesterol. Six weeks later she returned to her doctor with a vastly improved cholesterol count. When she announced that she hadn`t taken the prescribed drug in six weeks, the physician was stunned.

Jeannie has authored six books in the field of decorative arts and has written for numerous craft and home décor publications. She has done several videos and appeared on national TV shows including PBS` This Old House with Bob Villa. She currently writes food related articles for South County Living Magazine and a monthly column calledEffortless Entertaining for two newspapers: The Northeast Independent and The South County


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