Vaishali is an acclaimed author, radio show host, Self-Emergence teacher and empowerment speaker in the field of human potential and natural health. She has participated on “health and wellness” panels across the nation. Vaishali is a faculty member at The Omega Institute, The Kripalu Center for Health & Yoga, and the Learning Annex. Vaishali has appeared on national radio and network television programs including ABC TV, CBS TV & NBC TV, The Dr. Oz Radio Show on Oprah and Friends XM. Vaishali was a featured quote on Vaishali’s articles have been published in hundreds of magazines nationwide. She is a contributor to the Huffington Post, and she has been featured on the cover of Awareness Magazine and Yoga Magazine. In 2009 Vaishali was voted by THE Magazine as one of the top 50 Inspirational women in the Los Angeles Area.

Holly Hall

Holly Hall, Astrologer, Dream Expert and Co-owner of Spirit Quest Radio How one can use Dreams to solve all their life issues. Plus Global world events and the astrological shift we are all facing now.

As a 3rd generation psychic, Holly Hall uses Dreams and Astrology to tap into her clients “spirit destiny.” Each of us has an inherent challenge to face, as well as fortune and strengths. Astrology could be just the nudge you need to get you moving down that path toward personal evolution. We have free use of the energy around us, and each of us resonates differently with this energy at different times. You will find that Astrological council can guide you so that you can take full advantage of your energy field and “Have the Life You have Always wanted!!” Holly also has the advantage of helping you tap into the ~Universal all knowing Collective Mind~ through the interpretations of your Dreams.


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Ada Marie

Ada Marie is an internationally known seer, healer and Life Extension Coach™. Having come from a long line of seers, she has the ability to – not only physically but also spiritually – guide people from all walks of life to positive, healthy living. Following a vicious attack where she was stabbed 26 times, Ada Marie ‘crossed-over’ – and was sent back to us with the words clearly spoken: “Your work has yet begun…you must return…you will teach the teachers of tomorrow.” 

Ada Marie thus began her own program of self-healing to recover from the trauma – incorporating her familial folk healings, her innate abilities to see, and her extensive studies in both allopathic and alternative modalities. Ada Marie constructed proven and practical programs aimed at freeing the unlimited, dynamic true potential inherent in everyone! Ada Marie has produced and starred in thirty-two television shows in the United States, and appeared in six English television productions; was a featured guest on numerous radio shows in Texas, Florida, New York, and California; developed a complete video home study program designed to assist individuals in bringing creativity into their life; authored and self-published five books – with her sixth in the works and more. Visit with Ada Marie  where you will find all her links to her facebook, blogtalkradio shows and her YouTube videos!


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09-04-10 Topic: Are You Ready to Be a Healer?

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Pamela Brennan

About Pamela Brennan: I am a Channel and Certified as an Advanced Angel Messenger. I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Shaman in the Hawaiian Adventurer Tradition, an Ordained Alakai with Aloha International (a worldwide peacemaking organization), a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Certified “The One Command” Practitioner and Commanding Wealth Circle Leader.

I bring you 25 years of knowledge, experience and wisdom in the metaphysical and healing arts. My long-term connection with Divine Guidance will benefit you in many ways. In 1983 I had what is often called a “Spiritual Awakening”, Jesus appeared at the foot of my bed and filled and surrounded me with immense Light, Pure Love and I was healed. I then began receiving Divine Guidance and Visitations. Since that time it has been my mission to bring love, wisdom and enlightenment to myself and to others…with the ultimate goal being Heaven and Peace on Earth.