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Al Cole

Show 05-21-09 Al Cole has been widely Accepted & Acclaimed for his Radio DJ work at Boston’s 100.7 WZLX, a CBS Subsidiary! And now Acclaimed for his Popular Radio Talk Show “Al Cole-Romance for Women”, airing each Saturday Night at 8, Eastern, on...

Carol Bellis

Show 01-29-09 Carol Bellis is an astrological consultant who offers an in depth look into what the soul is yearning to express through the vehicle of the personality in this lifetime. In using the client’s natal birth chart as her cosmic portal, Carol Bellis...

Brian Schrokosch

Show 01-22-09  Brian Schrokosch is the host of Radiate Love Radio, which airs twice a week Brian interviews some of the most accomplished authors, lecturers and inspirational speakers on his shows. He also brings his own unique...

Gail Swanson

01-08-09 Gail Swanson My journey into this Heavenly realm began in the midst of a long and very debilitating illness. I received a vision of Jerusalem and was given information about Mary Magdalene. I was told of a connection between Mary and me. Soon after writings...
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