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Kathryn McGlynn

Show 07-02-09 Kathryn McGlynn, CH is a professionally trained Certified Hypnotist, Success Coach, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Development Trainer. She has been certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Additionally,...

Jordan Lapides

Show 06-18-09 Jordan Lapides is a 54 year Spiritual Psychology teacher of Universal Spirituality for over 10 years. He is a resident of Minneapolis MN. and Erie, PA. His spiritual principals can be utilized by anybody who simply puts them into practice. This...

Kelly A. Hampton

[plulz_social_like width=”350″ send=”false” font=”arial” action=”like” layout=”standard” faces=”false” ] Kelly A. Hampton is clairaudient, psychic and medium who works with the angelic and...

Cathryn McIntyre

Show 05-07-09 My book, Honor in Concord: Seeking Spirit in Literary Concord, has a theme of reincarnation or parallel lives throughout. My inspiration for the book came out of my desire to record the images from Concord’s past that were always flooding my mind....

Paul Winter

04-30-09 is conscientiously maintained by Paul Winter cancer survivor, author, healer, and alternative health publisher since 1989. I have been a field engineer working on jet aircraft, an avionics systems engineer, and a technical writer for...
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