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Gail Swanson
My journey into this Heavenly realm began in the midst of a long and very debilitating illness. I received a vision of Jerusalem and was given information about Mary Magdalene. I was told of a connection between Mary and me. Soon after writings emerged in the form of stories, prayers and poetry. Mary’s words soothe, heal, encourage and inspire and they touch deep within, emotions and memories long forgotten. This magnificent experience has magnified the beautiful knowledge that we are all one. Mary Magdalene has blessed me with her presence, her memories and her heart. She invites you to open your hearts and merge with the divine words written upon these pages. She encourages you to ride the vibration of the sacred emergence of the Divine Feminine and to ignite the flame of remembrance of all that you are.

The Heart of Love-Mary Magdalene Speaks …a story of angels and saints

Show 01-08-09 

Show 01-03-10 Keeping the Higher View & Mary Magdalene Journeys of Remembrance

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