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Show 07-02-09 Kathryn McGlynn, CH is a professionally trained Certified Hypnotist, Success Coach, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Development Trainer. She has been certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Additionally, she received certification as a HypnoBirthing childbirth educator in 1998.

McGlynn uses hypnosis to help people improve their essential experience of life through self-healing and self-change. Hypnosis helps change attitudes, which is the key to changing behavior. McGlynn helps people develop a positive mental attitude, improve self-confidence, regain self-control over unwanted behavior choices and enhance personal skills and assets. She employs a simple energy therapy, EFT, that blends perfectly with hypnosis. Kathryn’s private hypnosis practices are located in Hingham, Franklin and Sturbridge, MA.

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