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04-30-09 is conscientiously maintained by Paul Winter cancer survivor, author, healer, and alternative health publisher since 1989. I have been a field engineer working on jet aircraft, an avionics systems engineer, and a technical writer for about ten years each. Technical writing requires an understanding of complex material and an ability to clearly present it. This makes me a perfect candidate to explain cancer treatments to laymen. Currently, I live in the Sedona area of Arizona and practice various healing arts, including hypnosis and the LIFE Quantum Biofeedback machine. The over 200 pages of concisely written text covers a wide range of alternative cancer information such as these important subjects: The pros and cons of different treatment selection methods–Talking to doctors, friends, or loved ones about alternative cancer treatments–Cancer diets and the historical link between cancer and carbohydrates–Prevention* Learn simple techniques to reduce your risk of cancer–Emotions are the number one reason for treatment failure.

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