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Show 06-18-09 Jordan Lapides is a 54 year Spiritual Psychology teacher of Universal Spirituality for over 10 years. He is a resident of Minneapolis MN. and Erie, PA. His spiritual principals can be utilized by anybody who simply puts them into practice.

This man’s teachings can literally change your life as it has done for the lives of countless others over the years. Jordan, as some have described him over the years, is “a voice crying in the wilderness”. He reaches the lost, hopeless, lonely, the seekers, anyone who is looking to be truly happy and has not found the answer. He has recently, within the past 10 months, lost over 155 pounds using his own Spiritual teachings as proof to his students that by applying these Spiritual principals and by loving yourself and others “nothing of true higher value is unattainable”. As many people do, he had struggled with weight for a good portion of his life. However, as Jordan states “virtually every human being on Earth is overweight in some way or another”. It wasn’t until he was challenged to apply his own Spiritual teachings to himself that he was able to “prove the power of Truth” by losing this incredible amount of weight at his age.

Jordan has spent many years studying and learning for himself, as well as teaching to those who are open to Spiritual things. He has studied the great teachers such as Gandhi, Vernon Howard, Watchman Nee, Ken Keyes, Buddha, Lao Tzu as well as many others. And of course he loves the teachings of Jesus. Jordan can be reached for further enlightenment and/or speaking engagements at The Freedom Foundation For Spiritual Development at 800-705-7033.

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