Exploring the Genetic Vision

03-19-17 Exploring the Genetic Vision

This week on The Human Accelerator Show we’re going to explore the Genetic Vision written inside everyone and what does it take to Motivate Us into Actions that will begin this Evolutionary Leap of Human Consciousness. There indeed does exist a SuperHero Inside us…it’s not a Metaphor but rather our Genetic Birthright and Inheritance awaiting our Actions of Claiming that Reality. Let adam’t gardener…whole food and whole herb medicine man…take you on a Journey into the Full Circle Moment when the Ancient Vision of what we are meets with the Modern Vision of what mankind can achieve.

How Cancer Cells Become Cancer Cells

02-19-17   How Cancer Cells Become Cancer Cells

Join our Whole Food, Whole Herb Medicine Man, Adam’t Gardener, on a Journey into how cancer cells become cancer cells. It’s easy to understand and has special significance in all our lives. It is said 1 in 3 people have had cancer here in America and it’s a dreaded disease that can be driven from us through simple, straight forward actions. The science is here…more and more personal Stories are being shared on TV and on the internet. We don’t have to wait any longer to Realize our own Potentials to live a life free of sickness & disease all the days of our Human Walk upon this Earth. It is being seen more and more…sickness and disease are Unsustainable Ways of being Human. This is an Empowering Show you will not want to miss.

An Introduction to the Most Advanced Regenerative Medical Therapy

01-22-17   An Introduction to the Most Advanced Regenerative Medical Therapy

An introduction into the Most Advanced Regenerative Medical Therapy known today. The Second Genesis Protocol is a daily way of living that is fundamentally capable of ridding the human body of anything causing us Trouble. This includes: Stage 4 Cancer people told there’s nothing more can be done, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, arthritis…the list is seemingly endless of the ailments our western model’s of medicine have created. You may say to your self, “I’m not really any of those things…” and yet what you will hear is going to Shift Perceptions of what you’ve thought it means to BE HUMAN. This is Beyond the Comprehension of our western medical and science models of how the Universe works and yet can be Explained and Understood in simple terms…in easy to Comprehend Words. It will Redefine…Reshape…what it means to BE HUMAN…on this planet…in this incredible Moment in mankind’s history…what I refer to over and over as a Second Genesis Awakening Age. Plus, this is the most Complete & Whole Actions anyone could take to live Sustainably. In fact, this is Sustainability at it’s Highest Levels.

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