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02-19-19  Taking National Geographic to Task for being “Bought Off” by Big Pharma

Here we go with the 2nd installment in our four part series covering this January 2019 Issue of National Geographic titled, “The Future of Medicine”… Our Intent with this series is to give the listener an opportunity to see a Stark Contrast between the Future of Medicine being portrayed in National Geographic and what we Embody here at We have made available to the Public…Insights into what the Future of Medicine is from a Second Genesis Awakening Perspective. It’s right here…right now…no one has to wait for some promised fix all pill western medicine and science has been selling for decades. This week’s show covers the section in National Geographic called “Home Pharma”. The Contrast is Profound between NG’s varying stories and what we are saying is actually The Truth of this Age. Hope you will tune in…we will be highlighting efforts by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the who are fighting to bring some Sanity into our western medicine model of health.

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