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Join the Cape Liberty NJ to Bermuda Cruise Aboard the Celebrity Summit:

Caregiver Respite – Dementia- Friendly Cruise

September 1- 8, 2019

Caregiver Respite - Dementia- Friendly Cruise

Please join Leah in September 2019 for a cruise to Bermuda!  She will be a featured speaker aboard the Celebrity Summit which will host a very special conference focused on Dementia. Leah will be holding several workshops that will address different issues related to Dementia and caregiver stress management including:

  • Ayurveda self-care techniques for those affected by dementia and those that care for them
  • Ways to rejuvenate and thrive-perception is EVERYTHING
  • Focus on your wellness strategies
  • Enhancing the quality of life for the family unit affected by dementia
  • Let’s play!  Intro to Meditation, aromatherapy for inspiration, rejuvenation, and calming agitation, creating your vision of health as a caregiver, fill your stress management tool box and more!

The cruise will be RN supported and include daily caregiver respite sessions.  This cruise is designed for dementia friendly and multi-generational travel.

Hold your cabin of choice with 100% refundable deposit.

Call 508-938-9211 or email for more information.–sep-1—sept-9–2019.html


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