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Cheverro Ananse Savage03-31-21 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Cheverro Ananse Savage author of Broken Mirror who explores the world of physical and spiritual life as most of us try to do after losing a loved one. Cheverro’s loss of his father when he was still in school was unusually challenging but what he discovered as a result can only be learned when the heart is wounded and the questions of life love and soul are open to the truth. We will share the love grief and reality of the loss of a beloved father and the courage and appreciation for having the time to be a family and discover the truth of gratitude acceptance and surrendering to the life plan of each of us. Cheverro learned much about himself from writing his book. At times looking in a broken mirror reflected the brokenness of his own heart and soul and disappointment in losing his father.

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