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01-28-22 The Story of Everything: Betsy Pool

Fragmented throughout Damanhur’s esoteric archive was a cohesive ancient history of humanity that is not reflected in the history books. Betsy’s mission was to reassemble this history into a mythological narrative that could be shared as a catalyst for the world. A physical StoryRoom was constructed. For a decade, she painstakingly pieced together this history from 40 years of Falco’s teachings, combined with interviews of Damanhurians with whom he had entrusted parts of the story. Her film, THE STORY OF EVERYTHING, now brings the oral transmission of this remarkable narrative to the world. From childhood, Betsy had contact with non-terrestrial intelligence, which silenced when she entered adulthood. After Falco’s death, at a dark point in the StoryRoom assembly, Betsy was ready to abandon the mission. She attended a business media residency in Ronda, Spain to start a new project. There, a man previously unknown to her, channeled a five-page message from the non-terrestrial intelligence of her childhood, introducing him as her ally in this mission. From that point, Edgar Bültemeyer joined Betsy as her partner in the realization of the work to bring the StoryRoom to the world.

Betsy Pool – Narrator, Writer-Producer, Director and facilitator of StoryRoom, located in the heart of Damanhur, renowned spiritual eco-community, in Northern Italy. Damanhur is a laboratory for social, environmental, and spiritual research best known for the construction of the globally celebrated Temples of Humankind. The United Nations has recognized Damanhur as a model for a sustainable future. Betsy is an initiate in the Damanhurian spiritual school, founded by Falco Tarassaco. As an award-winning screenwriter, with an extensive production background in Broadway theatre, film, and television, Betsy became the Head of Integrated Media Strategy for Damanhur, shortly after arriving there. Betsy and Edgar’s meeting began to open senses and inter-dimensional connections that had previously been inaccessible to them individually. Now, they also work with clients, using their ability to tap into the higher selves of both their clients and the people who are connected to their clients. They do both private readings and group channeling sessions, working closely with their non-terrestrial group soul of 24 disincarnate higher dimensional beings to support humanity in an evolutionary shift in consciousness and individuals in their personal journeys. Founders of Wake-Up! The Association for the Advancement of Consciousness, based in Klagenfurt, Austria as well as The Institute for the Mythology of Humanity, based in Damanhur.

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