Becoming still: Being versus Doing

04-27-17   Becoming still: Being versus Doing

The secret to a happy and fulfilled life is within our midst.  It is stillness and the ability to withdraw from the world of sensory stimulation to retreat into the silence of our inner temple.  Yes, this sounds very heady and otherworldly, but it is a very natural and accessible part of being a human.  As an infinite divine being enjoying a beautiful, physical life, we have the ability to connect into our Source and download all that we need.  Sometimes just being in that space of timeless connection is enough to open doors to creative ideas and solutions that can help us lead happier and more fulfilled lives.  It’s all in the intention of wanting to connect.

As Lord Jesus is known for saying, “Knock and the door will be opened to you.  Seek and ye shall find.”  What this means is that when we become still, we are allowing ourselves to go to the door and knock.  Source energy, information, healing, presence is always available – always.  But how often do we go to the door?  This is what the angels want to talk about today.  Being versus doing.  We have to stop doing so we can BE.  And the more we can use that time to bathe in the light of Source energy, the better every experience becomes.

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