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Artist: Katie Perkins New song Take My Hand, sung by Katie Perkins, with lyrics by Linda Pestana, music by Brian Sargent WON Best Country Song for the July 2016 Akademia Music Awards!

“‘Take My Hand’ adheres to canonical country notions of aesthetic but exceeds the genre’s usual offerings in its smooth-as-silk diction and manifest melodic ingenuity.”
– From Akademia

Katie Perkins demonstrated her passion and talent for singing at the very young age of 4, practicing every chance she could. At only 11 years old she was performing to growing crowds in her hometown of East Lyme, CT.

This promising singer’s career was almost cut short when, at the age of 16, she began to experience severe fatigue and shortness of breath. Katie was told she needed open-heart surgery to correct an undetected heart condition which she had lived with since birth. She faced an unthinkable choice. Without the surgery she was told she might not live to see age 30. If she underwent the surgery, she may never sing again, as the breathing tubes required could cause irreparable damage to her larynx. Without hesitation, Katie looked the doctor in the eye and said “I would rather sing for the next 13 years than to live and never sing again.” Seeing her resolve, the doctors agreed to use infant breathing tubes to minimize the risks to her beautiful voice and were successful in repairing her heart. This experience will forever shape her outlook on life, and give her the sense of purpose and passion which she brings to her stunning vocal performance.

katieperkins2With her renewed lease on life, Katie lets nothing stand in the way of her dreams. She has already recorded two studio albums, worked with GRAMMY award-winning engineer Joel Soyffer, and is a member of The Recording Academy, (host of The Grammy Awards). During her studies at Berklee College of Music she absorbed valuable information and performance technique, and has tutored under celebrity vocal coach J Chris Griffin (coach to the likes of Madonna, Janet Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and other industry greats). Katie has graced the stage at major venues in the New England area, including the Connecticut XL Center, The Big E! and Foxwoods Resort and Casino.

As her passion and talent have grown, the nominations and awards have followed. Katie won First Place at the USA World Showcase in 2006, and was nominated and in the final running for GRAMMY Gig of a Lifetime, associated with CBS. She was a finalist for the Katie Couric Blackbird Studios Contest and was nominated for Country Act of the Year for the 2013 New England Music Awards, for 2014 Country Act of the Year for the International Music and Entertainment Association Awards, and for 2014 Female Country Artist of the Year for the Limelight Magazine Music Awards. All nominees for the Limelight Music awards are chosen by the public based on the nominees impact in the music community.

Katie’s soulful, crystal-clear vocals have been compared to Alison Krauss, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. Her captivating voice has grabbed the attention of a rapidly growing fan-base. Katie Perkins is a passionate vocalist as well as an unstoppable and driven artist whose powerful live performance should not be missed.


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