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11-12-18  An Insatiable Passion for Helping Animals

Once again, Dr. Judy welcomes back Daniel Orrego, author, President of KetoPet Sanctuary (KPS), and Vice President of Epigenix Foundation, coming to us from Los Angeles, California.  Last year, Daniel enlightened us on the KPS mission to research the ketogenic diet and examine its impact in reversing cancer and extending longevity within the canine rescue community.  While Epigenix continues its research in the human arena, the KPS rescue dogs, found with incurable, terminal cancer, continue to be treated with groundbreaking integrated cancer therapy, which includes custom ketogenic diets and loving forever homes – for life!  With cancer affecting so many households today, most of us have heard of or are considering the benefits of ketogenic diets for ourselves and/or for our pets.  This show provides the perfect opportunity to learn more as Daniel and Dr. Judy discuss approaches to the ketogenic diet, the latest findings on the anti-cancer effects of nutritional ketosis and how they are optimizing animal health, welfare and quality of life.  This is an important show for all of us so be sure to tune in!

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