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If you’re:
  •  a mom who’s ready to play a PIVOTAL ROLE in your financial future
  •  ready to LEARN THE INSIGHTS that most of my clients wish they knew sooner
  •  ready to ENJOY taking control of your finances

Sign up for my FREE workshop on Wednesday, October 18th from 12-1 PM Eastern, and learn “5 Things All Moms Need to Know About Money” and start approaching money in MEANINGFUL ways!

Bio:  Meghan Dwyer is a Certified Financial Planner and host of the ‘Money Isn’t Scary’ podcast. After spending 15 years watching women take a passive role in the management of their money, she’s on a mission to help them stop playing small. By challenging the societal norms around women and money, Meghan aims to empower women to make money decisions out of a sense of abundance and confidence, rather than scarcity and fear. When Meghan isn’t working, she loves running, writing, and being mom to her two young boys.

Listen to ‘Money Isn’t Scary’ with Meghan Dwyer on syndicated Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network every Tuesday 7am & 7pmET

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