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the dr nina show02-28-23 5 Myths about Self-Care 

Do you struggle to prioritize your own needs and wants? Do you feel selfish when you want to take time for yourself?

If so, you may need a refresher on why self-care is essential.

How does this relate to bingeing? When we’re confident in our ability to take care of ourselves, and when we feel worthy of that care, we don’t use food or any other negative coping strategy to cope.

Also, when we have fulfilling and satisfying relationships with other people who can show up for us, nurture us, connect with us, and love us, we don’t use food as a substitute for fun, comfort, or love.

In this episode, I help you develop a self-care habit. I talk about:

  • 5 myths about self-care
  • Why self-care is NOT selfish
  • Simple strategies for self-care
  • The link between neglect & bingeing
  • And more!

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