The Meaning and Purpose of Ritual

01-29-17   The Meaning and Purpose of Ritual

“Ritual is all about slowing down, acknowledging the Love, and coming together for the shared experience. A sacred moment. An opportunity to focus on one thing that we value so much. We express our appreciation for everything with which we have been blessed. Whether it is our food, our fun, our romance, our sacred unions as couples, our births, or our saying farewell in death. Rituals provide reminders to be grateful for what our Mother Earth has shared with us.” This commentary on ritual comes from a segment of S.O.U.L.’s “Invitation to Action” short film entitled “Ritual”.

In this episode of S.O.U.L. On Air, Evan and Kip delve more deeply into the meaning and purpose of ritual, and how the loss of ritual may be one of the most damaging aspects of modern human civilization. The absence of ritual has led to a disconnect from our environment, our food, our physical passions, and perhaps, even from LOVE itself.

Come hear them share not just their own experiences and understandings as it relates to ritual, but also thoughts on the subject from world renown authors and philosophers Michael Pollan and Joseph Campbell. As you listen, Kip and Evan invite you to find the things in your personal life that you may want to consider making into a ritual, in order to deepen feelings of connectedness, tradition, appreciation and gratitude. Perhaps make a ritual of tuning into S.O.U.L. On Air, reading the website, and joining them on any of the social media platforms.

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