Talk-N-Angels with Rita Strough & Michael Gross

with Rita Strough & Michael Gross

4-talknangelsGet your weekly dose of positive love energy from this pair of inspired seekers. Rita is highly intuitive and channels messages from angels, guides and high-vibrational beings of Light. Mike is a full measure of positive thinking, driven forward by practices he develops through his “Be Your Own Wingman” philosophy. Try us out for size and see how you feel after. Guests provide new viewpoints; we always offer advice to callers, and Rita provides psychic messages and answers to your questions with the help of the angelic community. Come have an hour of refreshment and laughs with Talk-N-Angels!

Broadcasts Weekly Thursday & Friday 7am & 7pmET

Rita & Mike’s Topics This Week

Thursday 7am/7pmET


Interview with Kathy Miller and Brenda Bergstrom: Ishaya’s Ascension

Join Rita and Mike as we welcome Kathy Miller and Brenda Berstrom to Talk-N-Angels for a discussion about an exciting workshop coming to Just Breathe in Cinnaminson, NJ August 25th to the 27th called Ishaya’s Ascension.  

Raised on the promises of the power of positive thinking, Kathy rode the pendulum back and forth between failure and success in business. She was honored by COLA in 2006 for Servant Leadership and in 2009 by NJ Biz as one of “New Jersey’s Best 50 Women in Business,” and her successes as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur allowed her to touch the lives of many people. Her failures, on the other hand, were a blessing in disguise which allowed her to see that there was something more true than her thoughts and more reliable than even her best and most concerted efforts. Kathy was introduced to the Ishayas’ Ascension techniques in 2003, and discovered the basic underlying peace that could not be interrupted by any swing of life’s pendulums.

After practicing for ten years, in 2013 she took a sabbatical to attend a six-month in-residence training and became a teacher of the Ishayas’ Ascension.

Kathy lives in New Jersey with her husband Donnie, remains active in business and in the community, and goes where she’s invited to teach Ascension in homes, offices, churches, and community centers throughout the US and abroad.

Brenda Bergstrom has been a teacher of Ishayas’ Ascension since 2008. This technique allows Brenda to explore life with the eyes of appreciation, gratitude, love, and compassion. Her greatest ongoing desire is to find Universal love, Ahimsa in each moment as it arises and live the ongoing adventure. Brenda Has a background in Biotech, has owned a wellness spa and practices cranial sacral therapy bodywork.

Friday 7am/7pmET

This Too Will Pass~ The Human Condition of Ups & Downs

Whether you’re experiencing good times or hard times, the guidance today is “this too shall pass.”  It is enough sometimes to remember that everything we go through here as human beings has a beginning, a middle and an end.  No matter where you are on that continuum, think about it.  The realization that everything passes away can create a sense of sadness or clinging to what is, but when the spirit has become accustomed to its true divine nature, this realization can create a feeling of intense appreciation.  It is joyful to behold a baby in your arms.  To think about this baby growing older, changing, maturing and leaving the nest can seem in appropriate while the babe is still an infant.  We focus on what is before us at the moment.  When that baby won’t stop crying and weariness creeps in, we may wish for a time when the baby is grown out of that stage, but the reality is, we are in the current stage and it has both good things and difficult things about it.  Every stage of life has these aspects, the ones we like and the ones that give us a challenge.

Being fluid in the face of these ups and downs requires practice.  Tonight we’ll talk about how to stay balanced, present and in a state of appreciation for the changes life always sends our way.



Rita Strough and Michael Gross

BIO: Rita Strough is a psychic intuitive communicator, spiritual channel, and spiritual teacher, and co-hosts the Talk-N-Angels Radio Show which broadcasts live every Thursday, Friday at 7am & 7pmEST on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

Rita was introduced to angels through automatic writing, receiving messages like dictation. Through working with the angels, Rita’s spiritual gifts began to reveal themselves leading her further and further into becoming an open channel for communication with all forms of spirit energy.  Wisdom downloads as well as direct channeled messages allow Rita to be a conduit for healing, information and inspiration. In addition to hosting the radio show, Rita provides clients with Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive/Psychic Readings and teaches others through her “Harmonic Healing with the Angels” classes how to recognize their own powerful divine nature so that they, too can find total fulfillment in this life.
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BIO: Michael Gross founded the Haddonfield Law of Attraction group in South Jersey to create a space within which he could further his studies, through science and spirituality, on the principles of the laws of the universe, and specifically the Law of Attraction. It was through these studies and practices that Michael developed his concept of “Being Your Own Wingman”, a philosophy that teaches trust in one’s own instincts and confidence in personal decision-making.

Michael has been an insurance professional for the last 25 years and has been consciously practicing his Be Your Own Wingman philosophy for the last five years. As a father, a husband, a brother and a friend he understands what a great wingman is and has recently begun using those attributes to support himself as his own best wingman. Michael’s intention is to share his wisdom with others and help people recognize that they too can be their own best wingman.


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