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with Sheryl Glick 

“Healing From Within” is a radio series designed to encourage self-investigation and self-mastery of emotions, thought processes of the mind, and how they inform the physical body for greater health. Authors and leaders in the fields of science, medicine, psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, alternative healing modalities, spiritual communication and the arts share their vision and perspectives for a multi-dimensional view of evolution and transformation. Each show offers ways for listeners to align their inner essence with their daily physical life for the purpose of promoting positive experiences. Such results affirm the individual and are reflected in healthier group interactions.

Broadcasts Weekly Wednesday & Thursday 9am & 9pmET 

Sheryl’s Guests This Week

listen_live_buttonWednesday 9am/9pmET

Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Dr. Mark Mincolla author of The Whole Health Diet. Dr. Mincolla is a natural health care practitioner who has integrated ancient Chinese Energy techniques with cutting edge nutritional science in alignment with his innovative Electromagnetic Muscle Testing System. Mark and Sheryl will seek deep insights into the why of overeating, learn powerful affirmations for simple mind-set shifts learn holistic clear and transformational steps to take towards weight loss and Dr. Mincolla’s book also offers delicious recipes to support this process. www.markmincolla.com/

Second Half:

Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Joan Gattuso author of The Power of Forgiveness which offers tools to help you move past pain and disappointment trauma or betrayal into an inspired life of goodness health and happiness. Joan is a Unity Minister who has served in Cleveland for over 30 years and now resides with her husband in beautiful Hawaii. Joan has an endorsement for her book from James Redfield author of the Celestine Prophecy and Sheryl fondly remembered that many years ago, a friend told her everyone was reading that book so she picked it up and for Sheryl that was the beginning of her inquiry into metaphysical studies to further understand energy and the forces of Universal life. New perspectives values and awareness of what life was really about and who we really are were delivered to her spiritually through the process of self- development and self-mastery of emotions. http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/authors/236650/joan-gattuso

listen_live_buttonThursday 9am/9pmET

Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Dee Wallace, for a second visit to the show Dee is an amazing force for healing, teaching and living a holistic life of joy and positivity in both her creative endeavors and her family life. Dee is the author of Bright Light and a longtime actress who has two new shows airing soon, one is “Just Add Magic” on Amazon Streaming and the other is The Supernatural in its eleventh season. Whatever Dee is working on she does it with her whole heart and soul effort for the good of All. Dee Wallace shares her lifetime goals as an actress, healer, teacher and creative source for sharing her love of life and helping others develop self-love and self-esteem which are she believes the keys to developing into a healthy functional member of society, to heal ourselves and the world, and this begins in each child’s earliest experiences. www.iamdeewallace.com/

Second Half:

Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Paul Selig author of his newest book and the first in a trilogy entitled The Book of Mastery which may lead you on a journey of self-development and self mastery of your energies emotions and dreams. Paul Selig, who is considered one of the foremost contributors to the field of channeled literature, working today, and who is the former director of MFA Creative Writing program of Goddard College and served on the faculty of New York University for more than 25 years will share a spiritual experience that happened in 1987 that left him clairvoyant. Selig maintains a practice as an intuitive in New York City. He is the author of I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth. www.paulselig.com


Sheryl GlickBIO: Sheryl Glick, a New York-based accredited energy healer and medium, offers individual and group sessions and teaches psychic spiritual development.

She is the author of Life Is No Coincidence, The Life and Afterlife Connection and has worked with prominent speakers and visionaries who are seeking to awaken us to greater self-awareness of our inner soul being and our physical life.

Sheryl Glick is the host of  Healing from Within, an internet radio show that explores the many facets of universal energy healing and the aligning of our physical and inner being for a complete, healthy and dynamic human experience and to encourage the most loving ways for us to reach out to each other as we develop into more civilized and conscientious human beings. The show and leading authors in the field of spirituality, energy medicine, science, religion and the arts, can be heard on Sheryl’s website, www.sherylglick.com , and Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network on Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:00am/9:00pm. Over one hundred shows are available in the archives.

Sheryl is currently working on her new book, Whispers from Spirit –Conquer Fear to Create Divine Desires. The book will be published by SelectBooks of New York and will be available for distribution late 2013 or early 2014. She opens her mind and heart to channel the most joy in her own life and to help awaken in others a higher view of the life experience through shared coincidences, synchronistic happenings and miracles.

Sheryl taught in New York City schools. She holds a BA and MS in Education/Literature. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, the International Spiritual Federation and a longtime hospice volunteer.

email: sheryl@sherylglick.com

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