The Five Sparkly Steps of FLAUNT with Ms Roxy Star

06-14-17   FLAUNT! is all about Building Your Dreams and Living Your Sparkle! Through the Five Sparkly Steps of FLAUNT! women are finally able to reconnect with whoever they truly are inside. But no matter who we are or what we dream of, women need the support of other women. One of those great, supportive women is Ms. Roxy Star.

Ms Roxy Star is a women’s advocate who focuses on teaching women how to embolden themselves. Her goal is to show women how to attain their goals by controlling their own sense of identity. She is the editor and publisher of The mission of the website is to create a joyful, feminine, glamorous, healing, honest, space for women to find the encouragement they seek. Her voice is bold and motivating, while also candid and vulnerable. She talks about everything from the best red lipstick to eating disorders. Roxy is also a burlesque and pole fitness instructor, and she is well known for her talents with all things glittery, sexy, and rebellious! She utilizes these art forms to help women gain greater comfort with their bodies and themselves. Roxy is currently embarking on a new vlog project, designed to bring her words and ideas to life and deliver them straight to you, one on one! Visit her website, then follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Youtube!

Honoring The Mother and Father in All of Us

06-07-17   Honoring The Mother and Father in All of Us

How is your relationship with your Mother? What about with your Father? Do your parents embody the archetype of the role that they play, or not? Many of us have conflicted relationships with our parents, and some of that is due to the fact that women who are mothers don’t always embody the archetypal role of mothers, and not all men who are fathers embody the archetypal father.

Today’s show we explore and honor the Mother/Father energy that is in all of us, allowing us to integrated both halves within ourselves, with our relationships, as well as with our own parents. Half-Way Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, let’s step back, breathe, and learn how to balance all that is, in love, peace, acceptance and understanding.

Be sure to visit Lora’s YouTube channel for a FREE meditation on integrating both the mother and the father energy within yourself, and within your world.

Medical Intuition

05-31-17   Medical Intuition

There’s nothing like getting the help you need, when you need it. And we can only get the right help if we get right diagnosis!

Because doctors diagnose based on our description of our own symptoms, it is imperative for us to accurately and adequately describe exactly what is happening in our bodies. In order to do that, we need to know how we feel, and we need to use our own intuition as to whether the diagnosis we receive feels accurate.

Today’s show explores the role of intuition in diagnosing our health or medical concerns. Guest Kelly shares the story of her inexplicable heart condition, and her journey through several cardiologists, a multitude of testing, and finally how she and her holistic practitioner together figured out the systemic cause of her heart condition, changing the way her cardiologist tests and treats patients in the process.

The Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” is indeed paramount in dealing with our own health and well-being!

Bird at My Window

05-24-17   Bird at My Window

Sometimes we work so hard fighting for something that we feel strongly about, that we forget to step back and take a look at what we are fighting.

A robin at my window recently showed me situations where I am fighting my own reflection, and hurting myself in the process.

For about three weeks now I’ve had a robin who throws himself at my foyer window. The foyer is two stories tall and the window is inaccessible from the ground floor. There are no window coverings. Every morning, and again in the afternoons, the bird sits in the tree outside the window and repeatedly throws himself against the glass.

At first we had no idea what he was doing, calling him our suicide bird, but then I learned that in mating season, birds are very territorial. He was seeing his reflection in the mirror as another bird, and he was simply trying to protect his territory.

I’m afraid he will hurt himself. I’m afraid that one day I’ll step out my front door and see his tiny bird body on the ground, neck broken. I go outside and talk to him, I go inside and jump around inside the window and try to scare him, but none of it does any good.

Then it dawned on me. Maybe this bird is here for me. Maybe this bird is here to teach me something that I’m not noticing in my own life…

How many times have I fought something that wasn’t really there? How many times have I defended my territory against something that was an illusion? Could it be that there were times where I thought I was persevering, pushing ahead with strength and determination, while others were looking at me with pity, or even laughing at my folly?

Have others tried to get my attention, to let me know that I was fighting my own reflection, but I didn’t notice? Perhaps. I started thinking about the times where I’ve stood my ground, defended my territory…

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