Aging and Women, Part 2

10-11-17  Aging and Women, Part 2

Last week’s show featured a round table discussion between women who were all around age 50. They shared their perceptions on being women who were aging, which inextricably led to discussing sexism, the participatory and the double standards women and men face in our world. This week, we feature two women who are around 70. These women share their stories, highlighting the differences that 20 years can make.

Aging: Maiden-Mother-Crone

10-04-17  Aging: Maiden-Mother-Crone

Aging. It’s something that we all do, and it’s something none of us like to talk or think about! But whether we talk about it or not, every day, we are still getting older. Join us for this week’s show on aging and women and the experience of being an aging woman in today’s world. During this round table discussion we will discuss sexism with regards to age, the archetype of Maiden-Mother-Crone, how older women are perceived in the working world, the dating world, the entertainment world, sexuality, menopause and what we as women are doing to (inadvertently) enforce the patriarchy as well as create a culture that supports and nurtures other women.

Hay House Author Mary Shores Sharing Conscious Communications and a Free Gift!

09-20-17  Hay House Author Mary Shores Sharing Conscious Communications and a Free Gift!

As an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO, Mary Shores teaches individuals and businesses to fearlessly create their own realities by using scientific methods and practical personal development. Mary Shores is the award-winning author of Conscious Communications, a groundbreaking personal development book published by Hay House and endorsed by bestselling authors. Released in August 2017, Conscious Communications draws on Mary’s over ten years of personal development experience and knowledge to create easy-to-follow, step-by-step practices that can transform each area of your life. Mary also enjoys creating workbooks and courses for individuals who want to live a life in alignment.

Here is your FREE GIFT from Mary! A companion course for her new book, Conscious Communications.

Food Network Celebrity Chef Susie Jiminez

09-13-17 Food Network Celebrity Chef Susie Jiminez

In today’s health-conscious culture it is common to hear about what we should not to eat. Food becomes a burden and the culture, flavor and passion that surrounds food and shared meals is lost. But food should be joyful, fun and balanced! Today, celebrity chef Susie Jiminez shares her story, her love of food as well as helpful tips and tricks for creating balance and YUM in your world!

It seemed natural for me to become a chef growing up with a family that migrated to pick the seasonal crops every year. The love and passion for food is present every day since my life does revolve around what I’m going to prepare for my husband, friends and family. But the inspiration I get from a memory, a conversation or looking at something makes me happy to have found my calling.

One thing you realize as a chef is that you never stop learning. I continue to learn from those around me, whether is visiting a different place, listening to someone story about their upbringing or tasting something that makes me want to re-create, it’s just never ending. The best part is, I get to bring it to you to get inspired by.
Filming for Food Network, Utilisima, Sportsman’s Channel, Aspen82 and Grassroots has allowed me to create a stage to inspire others with new innovative ideas.

My monthly food column in The Glenwood Springs Post Independent reaches the valley and they get to read a story with a recipe. My local radio show Spice It Up with Susie Jimenez on KNFO gives me one hour to talk about not just the culinary world in the valley, but upcoming events. It also gives other the ability to promote themselves and their services by having organic conversations about what they are trying to do in the culinary world. Now Spice It Up Catering has allowed me to share and inspire others.