Guest Host Janine Sullivan and Student Kaitlin Sullivan

02-12-17   Guest Host Janine Sullivan and Student Kaitlin Sullivan

The Community Service Experience. The Value of Being of Service. How it Makes One Feel with Student Kaitlin Sullivan

Cove Queen Janine Sullivan  is a freelance writer and poet.  When Janine is not writing she is a resource agent a position, which involves advocacy and assisting people, achieve goals. She uses her talent connecting people to lift dreams and desires to a successful outcome. Drawing on 30 years of experience in social service Janine has gathered tools and resources developing a unique approach to connect individuals and communities.

One of the highlights of her career was producing a life enhancing lecture series for women. Educated in the field of child psychology, Janine has nurtured the ability to see under the veil into the heart of a person making her current work as a caregiver very rewarding.  She believes we all can lift up our portion of the world one person at a time through one action at a time.

Guest Kaitlin Sullivan is a sophomore student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, studying economics with a minor in political science. She plans on going to law school. Kaitlin has been involved with various community service projects since the age of 12, with my most recent project being a children’s book that she illustrated for a woman with cerebral palsy.

Co-Host 13yr.old Kaitlyn Martinez Founder of Backpacks 4 Kids AZ and Tracey Serebin Founder of Daisy Button Believes

12-11-16   Co-Host 13yr.old Kaitlyn Martinez Founder of Backpacks 4 Kids AZ and Tracey Serebin Founder of Daisy Button Believes

Kaitlyn Martinez, 13 year old student created Backpacks 4 Kids AZ in the summer of 2015.  Now as of November 10, 2016 Backpacks 4 Kids AZ is an official 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Backpacks 4 Kids AZ collects school supplies and backpacks for children whose families cannot afford them and now we are expanding our efforts in making “Love Bundles” for kids entering foster care. August 2016  Kaitlyn Martinez was awarded a grant of $1000.00, she is going to use this grant to expand her efforts and create Love Bundles for kids entering fostering care

How to help:
Donate hygiene products, toys, blankets, or backpacks to one of our donation sites so we can help the children who have been displaced due to neglect, abuse, abandonment.
Donate school supplies to be given to local students -Many low income families are already struggling and unfortunately cannot afford to buy the school supplies their children need.
Host a supply drive to benefit Backpacks4 Kids AZ

 The inspiration for Daisy Button comes from an empowering series of stories written by Tracey Serebin in 2010 about 7 multi-racial children who work together to maximize their talents, accomplish their goals, help their friends and have fun in the process. Through launching her book series Tracey traveled all over the country speaking to kids and families, educators and specialists.

Tracey Serebin is a Serial Entrepreneur who started her first company at 19, delivering balloon bouquets, while still in college. At 25, she Founded and was President of a company that was the largest buyer of home furnishings in the country, with Sears and Montgomery Ward as two of her clients. Years later, Tracey went on to co-create an Advertising Agency focused on creating TV commercials for car dealers, becoming one of the largest buyers of TV time in the state of Florida.

While running her businesses Tracey started volunteering as a Guardian ad Litem volunteer in the early 90′s, became Vice President of the Guardian ad Litem Guild and then later started her own non-profit called For The Children to support the needs of children in Foster Care in Hillsborough County, Florida. In this role she interacted with social workers, psychologists, and teachers on a daily basis.

When Tracey moved up north she pioneered the first Family Coaching practice in the country providing life skills, communication tools, inner strength and social skills to children, as well as partnering with parents to help advocate for their children within the school system. For the last 10 years she has written articles, created curriculum for children, published two books, hosted her own radio show, and conducted workshops across the country.

Clubhouse Enterprises is her latest venture, pulling together her 20 years experience working with kids, and the last 10 years of helping several hundred children one-on-one by providing solutions to problems. The DB Adventures series is a culmination of her work developed into a fun, engaging, educational and entertaining endeavor married with cool technology. On the personal side, Tracey has a very active 8 year old son. She loves being outdoors, speed walking in nature, and being at the beach. Tracey’s favorite past times are reading, traveling to new places, attending live sporting events, football season, and spending time with family and friends.

Deborah Beauvais Welcomes Co-Hosts Torrin and Robbie Thorp & Zoe Terry

thorp-brothers-w-dvds-w-story_3_000111-13-16   Deborah Beauvais Welcomes Co-Hosts Torrin and Robbie Thorp &  Zoe Terry

Most 13 year olds like to take a break from friends and school to watch movies and play video games but when Torrin Thorp was required to spend a lot of time in the hospital for Asthma, that became the only thing he could do for a while. Thorp began to look forward to and rely on the entertainment there to get through some painful, challenging procedures.  His brother Robbie Thorp also went through surgery around the same time and had a similar experience. Being at the hospital so often they would both quickly reach the bottom of the movie and video game options and wished for more of a selection. Thorp wanted to take action to change this and encourage the friends he made that were still in the hospital too.  In 2015, Thorp started the “The Helping Hand.”He has collected and donated almost 2,000 DVD’s and Movies, donated over 650 movies, TV’s and DVD players to Crossroads RI. is now expanding his outreach to “Blessing Bags” for the homeless and their dogs.

Torrin is a 1,000 grant recipient from Daisy Button Believes

Robbie (19) was RI’s Prudential Spirit of Community Bronze Medal winner this year.  He is also the New England Epilepsy Ambassador, having traveled to DC twice to participate in the Teens Speak Up/Speak Out conference.  He is mentor for teens with chronic illnesses and co-chairs the RI Walk for Epilepsy.

zoe-1Second Half:

At age 5, Zoe Terry  created her own organization called Zoe’s Dolls to inspire and motivate girls of color to love themselves. She promotes positive body image by holding her “Love the Skin I’m In” Creative Expressions Contest, where she encourages girls to submit a poem or video on why they love themselves. Since launching Zoe’s Dolls, she has donated more than 2,000 dolls of color to girls in need.

When Zoe was younger, her mom would teach her the spirit of giving by asking her to give away one of her toys at Christmas time.  Right before Zoe’s  6th birthday, she told her mom that she didn’t want to give a toy away at Christmas anymore.  Zoe exclaimed that instead of giving a toy away at Christmas, she wanted to do something totally different.   Zoe said that for her birthday she wanted to give little brown dolls to little brown girls who did not have dolls to play and that was all she wanted for her birthday!   This was the start of Zoe’s Dolls!

It was also important for Zoe to give away little brown dolls to little brown girls, because when she was in Kindergarten she was bullied because of how she looked and teased because of her “puffy” and “kinky” hair. Zoe wanted other little brown girls not to feel like she felt when she was teased. She wanted little brown girls to know that their image was beautiful.

Zoe is a 1,000 grant recipient from Daisy Button Believes

Snowball’s Great Adventure, Author Melissa Robillard

08-14-16  Snowball’s Great Adventure, Author Melissa Robillard

Deborah Beauvais Welcomes Janine Sullivan who shares Melissa’s journey through the creation of children’s book Snowball’s Great Adventure.  With a rare neurological disease called leukodystrophy, Melissa is an inspiration to all kids and adults.

Hello, my name is Melissa Robillard.  I am the author of Snowball’s Great Adventure, a children’s book about a white lion from Timbavati South Africa. Snowball was conceived while I was working with my speech therapist Kari Star.  Kari is an exceptional therapist in Dartmouth, MA.

I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called leukodystrophy when I was a young child.  I have never let this neurological condition stop me from living life.

While in speech therapy Kari and I were looking for new ways to stimulate my memory and language skills. We worked with the computer, talked about animals, and soon we had a story building.

My personal care attendant Janine Cove Queen Sullivan was with me during these sessions.  One day she exclaimed with great zest – if we are going to work so hard on this story we might as well publish the work as a children’s book.  It was a fabulous idea and one I embraced whole heartedly. It is important to do new things to exercise the mind. It took one year from beginning to end.  There is a lot involved in writing a book.  Janine worked with me several times a week to pull a great story out of me.  It was a stretch to define characters and create identities.  I loved every minute of it. So many people came forward to help.  My mom worked hard with technical matters. She has always been the wind beneath my wings and my greatest cheerleader.

I am thrilled for many reasons.  One, the work of this book brought many people together.  That is what life is all about. We really do need one another.   So many people helped this dream of mine come to life.  You see, when I was in the second grade, I wanted to be an elementary grade teacher. That dream was not possible for me. One day in the early stages of writing the book, Janine said to me, “Melissa, what is the tool teachers use most?” I said books. Then she said, “what do many children use to learn?”  I said books.  Janine went on to say, “you are writing a book that children all over the world will enjoy. That makes you a teacher.” I smiled from ear to ear.  Janine has a way of making dreams come true.