Relationship Magic with Guy Finley

Guy Finley05-15-16  TITLE:  Relationship Magic with Guy Finley

Join us and our guest Guy Finley for an enlightening exploration of Relationship Magic. Guy Finley calls relationships the most abundant yet least understood and utilized resource on the planet.  Relationships which can be the source of our greatest pleasure and greatest pain, often confuse people.  Guy will discuss his recent audio course, Relationship Magic where he explains why relationships can be so difficult, how to overcome destructive relationship patterns, and the secrets of beautiful relationships that remain fresh and satisfying.  Guy will also reveal how we can use relationships to help fulfill our ultimate purpose in life.

The information Guy presents is different from anything people may have heard before. It goes far beyond common, everyday wisdom about love and relationships. These profound principles, once understood and embodied, can transform every relationship, because the listener’s relationship with him or herself, and with life, will be transformed and elevated.

Guy Finley is Director of Life of Learning Foundation, the non-profit Center for Self-study in Merlin, Oregon, and his popular Key Lesson e-mails are read each week by over 200,000 subscribers in 142 countries.  Guy has presented over 4,000 unique self-realization seminars to thousands of grateful students throughout North America and Europe over the past 30 years.  And his syndicated weekly radio program is aired on several international networks.

Guy Finley is the acclaimed author of The Secret of Your Immortal Self and more than 40 other books and audio albums (plus over 1,000 unique audio programs) that have sold millions of copies in 24 languages worldwide. His encouraging and accessible messages cut straight to the heart of our most important personal and social issues – relationships, success, addiction, stress, peace, happiness, freedom – and lead the way to a higher life.

In addition to his writing and appearance schedule, Guy presents four inner-life classes each week at Life of Learning Foundation headquarters in Merlin, Oregon. These classes are ongoing and open to the public. For more information about Guy Finley, and his life-changing work, visit

You won’t want to miss this time with Guy Finley.  Please join us and learn how we can use all our relationships to realize our own highest possibilities and purpose in life.

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Unfolding the Full Potential of Your Life

Carlnancy_Dr Vern04-17-16   Title:  Unfolding the Full Potential of Your Life

Dr. Vern Woolf says: “Life is Holodynamic…We live in a conscious universe where everything is connected and every situation is driven by potential….Where everything is constantly changing….And where today some of the most dynamic changes in history are happening….Solutions come from where information is integrated from the past, present and future….A present person is the solution to every problem.”

Join us and our guest, Dr. Vernon Woolf, Ph.D., as we explore the amazing world of Holodynamics, and learn what it means to access our Full Potential and how this can contribute to gaining freedom of choice, solving problems that are usually resistant to change, developing more genuine intimacy, becoming more effective on the job, letting go of unwanted habits and much, much more.  It has everything to do with transforming information systems that control our beliefs and our experiences, and being free to be who we really are…

Dr. Vern Woolf is Chairman of the Board of The Academy of Holodynamics which was founded to promote the integration of all branches of Science, Philosophy, Religion, Education and Social Structure in order to help unfold potential consciousness on the planet. The Academy sponsors educational classes, workshops and programs in Holodynamics throughout the world.

Dr. Woolf has a rich background of educational and practical experiences including a doctorate in Child Development and Family Relations, and Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University; a Master’s Degree in Religious Education and Educational Psychology from Brigham Young University, and a Bachelor’s Degree of Science and Education in Physics, Chemistry and Education from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He is the author of more than twenty books and he consults with individuals and businesses. He is an internationally known public speaker, an experienced trainer, seminar leader, therapist, and entrepreneur. His specialty is improving relationships and building high performance teams through the holistic study of situational dynamics. His “Unfolding Potential” Seminars, which began in the United States, have now expanded worldwide. During the Cold War his team created support chapters in more than 100 cities in Russia, where more than 600 trained and certified teachers were operating as part of the transformation of the Soviet Union and he is now active in establishing other humanitarian projects.

You won’t want to miss sharing the benefits available to each one of us, through this transformative process of the whole dynamic – Holodynamics!  For more information visit

Building Loving Relationships with the Inner Family Archetypes

Carlnancy_Therese Emmanuel Grey03-20-16  Building Loving Relationships with the Inner Family Archetypes

The Inner Family Archetype Model will help you to gain a better understanding of yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually and relate to others in a more compassionate way.  Understand how to transcend subconscious and unconscious habits that sabotage you, and how to download the superconscious blueprint from your higher self.

Join us to discover your specific Inner Family Archetype pattern, the first step you can take towards greater wholeness and building healthy relationships.  Yes, you can reconnect to your innate divine consciousness and heal your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical circumstances. You can become more of who you really are and expand your capacity to relate in a loving way towards all people.

Therese Emmanuel Grey is an author and a facilitator for the inner family archetype model. She has co-authored a number of books, including Why We Do What We Do, The Psychology of Success and The Inner Family Archetypes: Building Loving Relationships Through Divine Self-Awareness. She also trains inner family archetype facilitators and has taught the inner family archetype model throughout the United States, as well as in Canada and Russia.

Why Love Heals

CarlNancy_Dean Shrock02-21-16  Title: Why Love Heals

Join us and our guest, Dr. Dean Shrock, to hear more about Why Love Heals.  This is Dr. Shrock’s second appearance as our guest on Prophets for the New Age.  We will continue to explore the fascinating results of his research and the insights he gained which led him to conclude not only that Love can heal, but also why Love heals.

Dr. Shrock is a psychologist and is currently training the staff at the Samaritan Cancer Center in Corvallis, Oregon and will begin teaching his six-part wellness series for cancer patients and their families this summer.  He is the author of Why Love Heals: Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine and Doctor’s Orders: Go Fishing.  He also co-authored with Dr. Andrew Weil, the chapter on Mind-Body Medicine in the textbook, Integrative Oncology.  This textbook is regarded as “the definitive source in the field” for healthcare providers.

Dr. Shrock has a rich background in mind-body science, including conducting a wellness program for a physician management group that hired him to provide psychological services for their cancer centers for over a decade.  He completed a post-doctoral internship where he developed a research proposal for the Cleveland Clinic to test the effectiveness of guided imagery with cancer patients. He interned as a staff psychologist with the Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital in State College, Pa. While there, he also interned with Dr. Carl Simonton at the Simonton Cancer Center where he initiated his research with psychological approaches to cancer care.

You won’t want to miss learning how Dr. Shrock’s interest in the “will to live” impacted patients’ quality of life and potentially, the length of their life.  His care for patients and their families and his research resulted in patients expressing they felt listened to and supported.  They felt loved and cared for.  Join us for more intriguing truths about his understanding of how medicine can be integrated with a deeper ancient wisdom that comes from peace and well being within.  There really is a Mind-Body-Spirit medicine that can heal, and it is called Love.