Angel Moms in Training with Monica Iglesias

with Monica Iglesias

Are you looking to better your relationship with your child/ren? Improve communication? Inspire accountability? Meet their emotional and spiritual needs? Empower them to overcome their struggles and achieve their greatest success? Join Inspirational Children’s Book Author and Angel Intuitive, Monica Iglesias, in discussing Conscious and Soul-Based Parenting, as well as developing your own connection with your Angels in order to create the heaven on earth you desire in your heart and in your home. Monica has a firm grasp on transformational philosophy having transformed her own life from victim, blame and abuse to conscious creator of love, peace, joy, and so much more, not to mention her beautiful relationship with her Angels, husband, and children.


Broadcasts Weekly Monday 1am & 1pmET

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Monday 1am/1pmET


Family Vacation? Flip or Flop? How to Create the Most Amazing Family Vacation for You

Summer is a time for vacations and for families to spend time together. But do your vacations consist of kids fighting, losing your cool, and the all too frequent “Are we there yet?”  Not to mention all the work you put into making it a success only to find the children responding with complaining attitudes and ungratefulness. Do you find yourself wishing it was over and feel that you need a vacation after the vacation just to recover your sanity? Join this segment of Angel Mom’s in Training for insights into creating the most amazing vacation experience for you and your family.

Monday July 31st 1am/1pmET

Title: 5 Parenting Upgrades for the New Age

Description: There are many parenting practices that are common in teaching children proper behavior etiquette: Do these practices really work? What are they really creating in the children? in you as a parent? and in our society? Is this what we really want? A society of slaves, masks, fake expressions, low vibrations, and empty words. The concept may be there, but is there an even better way to go about it? Join Angel Moms In Training Host Monica Iglesias and take a deeper look at 5 of these practices from a conscious and soul based perspective in order to create the ultimate desired results of gratitude, honor, respect, higher vibration and children living their maximum potential.  Upgrade your parenting today and see amazing results.

BIO: After being raised in abuse, Monica Iglesias became the abuser. She knew she had to change and poured out her soul for heaven’s help. Since then, she has been able to break the cycle of control and abuse by discovering the value within herself and ways to empower the children in her stewardship, transforming her life from victim and blame to powerful creator. When asking how she could be her highest contribution to the world, the answer came to share her children’s stories. Sharing her knowledge and wisdom to empower others is one of the highlights of her life. Today, in addition to being a wife and mother of four, Monica Iglesias is also an Inspirational Children’s Book Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Angel Intuitive. She lives her passion and purpose by guiding others through their own personal transformations, angelic connections, and teaches mothers how to empower the children in their stewardship.
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