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08-17-21 Who is Zora? Sight Unseen: “Dis the “Dis” In Disability with Zora Messing Natanblut

In her new book, Zora shares her personal transformation from suffering, anger, fear, resentment, and self-judgment to her growing self-acceptance, freedom, fearlessness, love, and gratitude.

She hated being labeled “disabled” and suffered through having to read and go to school where she was bullied and called things like “four eyes.” But Zora was not one to let others get the best of her, and she set out to prove to herself more than anyone that she was ABLE!

She persisted in getting her PhD and became a holistic physical therapist who has helped hundreds of clients reach beyond their disabilities to achieve new possibilities. What she’s been able to accomplish has inspired her mission to “dis” the “dis” in disability.

Zora is a retired physical therapist with 30-year experience in craniosacral therapy and the Alexander Technique. She has an M.A. in Jewish Education and a PhD in Holistic Health. Her unique life experience and professional expertise give her a depth of insight, understanding and compassion towards people in general, and especially people with disabilities. The main message of her book is to “Dis” the “Dis” in Disability and see a person for who they fully are. They are not their disability! Zora is a mother of three and a grandmother of six. She has been happily married to her teenage sweetheart of fifty-nine years. They share their time between Florida and Pennsylvania.

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