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03-10-17   Women Waking the World~ A Conversation with Marilyn Nyborg

In this edition of Conversations with Extraordinary People I’ll be in conversation with Marilyn Nyborg, spiritual activist and co-founder of two organizations, Gather the Women, and Women Waking the World.We will discuss these remarkable organizations and the core issues around which they have been built. Gather the Women’s purpose is to bring women together to inspire one another, to witness one another, collaborate, work together on the things that are passionate to their hearts and to give women a voice.

Women Waking the World frames the central crisis of our time as the devaluation of the Feminine, which allows the degradation of the earth, the abuse of women, their exclusion from influence, and ultimately the decline of all life. WWW offers a website that is truly a portal into a conversation around the effects of what they refer to as the patriarchy. And in doing that these portals offer a curriculum, videos, articles, their blogs and much, much more. And, as for men, Women Waking the World’s intention is also to reflect the voices of men who really hear their plea.

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