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05-01-23 Why Raise Native Bees? And How?

Guest Susannah Otocki, Native Beekeeper and Holistic Practitioner, Blue Lotus Moon Holistic

Native bees are designed to pollinate, and they pollinate every flower they visit. A honey bee only pollinates about 5% of the flowers it visits. A honey bee’s goal is to get as much pollen as it can back to the hive. Honey bees produce honey and honeycomb. Native bees do not make honey, however, they are more important than honey bees in terms of pollinating our food supply – our fruit trees, berries, herbs and vegetable gardens.  This episode shares ideas on how to raise native bees and help them overcome today’s environmental challenges.

Susannah OtockiWhile considering honey beekeeping a couple years ago, Susannah Otocki learned about native bees and decided to raise mason bees and leafcutter bees instead. She found the work was easier, less costly and more productive. Susannah is a Board Certified Polarity Therapist, Sound Practitioner, Massage Therapist and a Certified Body-Mind Method Coach. She grew up on a small farm in Massachusetts, where her family raised their own vegetables and meat. Living on the farm she developed a deep connection with the seasonal cycles of the earth, and this is where her lifelong love and respect of nature began. Susannah is eager to share her wisdom.


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