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Wheelchair WisdomThree years after Linda Noble Topf was diagnosed with MS, she had only a minimal understanding of the ways MS would affect her body, brain, and ability to function. After experiencing the gamut of emotions that took her from the darkness of grief to the light of hope, Topf made a conscious choice not to wallow in misery but instead to embrace life. In her self-help guidebook, Topf shatters notions about life in a wheelchair and offers practical, inspirational tools for living a life full of possibilities, regardless of the challenges one faces. Throughout her career as spiritual counselor and educator, Topf has helped thousands acknowledge and work within their fears, celebrate freedom, recognize self-worth, and find peace of mind. Through her personal stories, innovative concepts, and exercises, she provides encouragement and real-life wisdom that will free anyone from perceived limitations and worn-out beliefs and help lead the way to: Finding the true self and awakening the spirit within Exploring life-affirming thoughts and conquering fears Redefining success and confidence Experiencing life with grace and gratitude Living in the present Wheelchair Wisdom offers illuminating steps that introduce a new vision of possibility and gratitude that allows anyone facing adversity to move forward on a path of fulfillment, peace, and self-love. Linda Noble Topf has had MS since 1981 and is an advocate for disability rights. As an ordained minister, wellness coach, professional speaker, and author, she assists others in seeing how chronic illness-or any adversity-can be viewed as an opportunity for personal growth. Linda’s first book, You Are Not Your Illness: Seven Principles for Meeting the Challenge was published by Simon & Schuster in 1995.

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