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05-17-17  What’s My Purpose?

When caught up in our ego thinking it c​an feel as though we have no purpose. That is because the ego’s purposes for us are all meaningless, yet are disguised as being meaningful. Making more money, trying to succeed, and attempting to maintain a happy life through the form of things is based on the false belief that we are an autonomous being apart from God. Yet A Course in Miracles teaches us that this human life is illusory, and that it is only by relinquishing all the ego’s separate purposes in favor of Spirit’s one purpose of Awakening that we can find true Peace and extend that Peace to all. Enjoy this talk of David sharing his enlightening parables of Joy as he followed the Spirit and learned this lesson for himself.

This recording of David Hoffmeister took place in April 2017 during the Going Deeper retreat in Utah.

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